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Jun 24

Tutoring 101: Earn An Income Being An Online Tutor

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In our current world, everything is online. It’s the new way to do things and, to be honest, makes things a lot more convenient with our busy schedules, families, and sometimes simply not wanting to leave to go anywhere.

In addition, people are always learning and trying new things, going to school, or learning a new language. All of this can be daunting, scary, and overly exciting, but what if you need help? Online tutoring is a popular thing too now and lets people from all over the world tutor others.


Beginning as a tutor

Working as an online tutor is a legit way to make extra income, with flexible hours, all while helping others. Many people are students or work full-time jobs, or both, but still want to tutor. Or they know and need the extra cash, which is also totally fine and understandable. Naturally, there are different tutoring programs and prices, and people are looking for the best ones.


Is online teaching effective?

People sometimes ask if online tutoring is even effective, or at least ask if it’s as effective as tutoring in person. Several studies show that tutoring online can improve learning outcomes and is actually MORE effective than in person! Vocovison, which focuses mainly on tutoring children, shares how important tutoring is.

It’s far more accepted now that even old people need help – not just kids. With more and more people older than traditional college-age going back to school, this is more true now than it has ever been before. This counts especially for someone attending class and not quite getting it or needing extra help. Often, it is extremely challenging to get that one-on-one attention in a classroom, especially if you attend a big university.

Online tutoring can also take away the nervousness of meeting someone in person. Not only that, it’s beneficial to the person tutoring, saving them travel time/cost to the potential student’s house and letting them work around their busy schedule.

Online tutoring is undeniably challenging, and the key elements that may be missing online need to be identified, but once this is done, it has the potential to be just as good as in person and, once again, way more convenient for both parties.


How to get paid as an online tutor

Another challenge, of course, is money and finding well-paying tutoring jobs. Naturally, how much is acceptable varies from person to person.

Still, there are well-paying online tutoring jobs out there, if you look, that have different ranges to satisfy different individuals. On websites such as Preply, you can always find open requests from qualified people in their specific subject matter communicating with students who are requesting a certain tutor, and you can set your price on your profile.

It works both ways; people can seek each other out. Sometimes someone will not want to make the first move even if it is beneficial to them. Many people have a problem connecting with others and give up quickly because they could not find the thing they needed.

Here you can create a profile with the pay you are requesting, as well as to show what you care about and what you are wanting to tutor in, and let people come to you.


How to get started?

To begin, it ‘s at simple as clicking a button that says, “become a tutor.” It’s straightforward, and the web-page explains how to go about things and even goes deeper into what, when, and where.

Students often seek language tutors, but tutors are also teaching in other subjects such as business, JavaScript, or even music! Most of the tutors have higher education degrees such as masters or doctorates and are truly knowledgeable in their area, willing to teach and be productive while able to remain patient. And, depending on what the tutor is teaching, they can make more, especially with computer science or things such as JavaScript.

The good thing is the students requesting a tutor offer what they are willing to pay per hour, so there is no guesswork, and the tutor can pick which position they want to accept. With distance tutoring there are also no overhead costs, so ultimately it’s also a lot cheaper, and tutors are saving money not having to commute who knows how far.


Why tutor?

Tutoring can be extremely rewarding and fun. If you have always wanted to be a teacher or want to help someone enhance their skills, tutoring is the route for you. You can create different ways to help your student and watch their progress.

You get the engagement online without having to leave the house. It is extremely high-tech, yet personal, and online tutoring is growing. There is a world of online tutoring services out there, and the best thing to do is just google or research however you prefer to do so, and find out what works for you.

Reading up on the benefits is also a nice idea because it helps focus on the positive aspect of things and takes away a bit of the fear if you haven’t done it before. Many people are used to the traditional ways, but our world is changing, and the online world is becoming more understood and normal. So, dive in and learn!


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.


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