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Ways to make money while your baby sleeps

You’ve spent hours longing for your baby to finally close her eyes, but when she finally does, are you at a loss as to what to do? According to Baby Centre, a newborn will sleep for 16 and a half hours a day and this only decreases by a couple of hours at six months of age. So, what on earth do you with yourself when you’ve binged watched every box set going and rearranged the kitchen cupboards? The answer could very well be to make some spare cash, which is easily done by selling your breast milk or unused goods from around your home, but what else can you do to top up your maternity or additional paternity pay?


Start a business

Woman working on sofa next to sleeping baby

Parents throughout the country and around the globe will tell you that, at times, babies are boring. That’s not to say that they don’t adore their offspring, but when you’re home alone all day with a baby, stuck in the same routine, it can be a little soul destroying. Therefore, seizing the opportunity to start a business is the ultimate way to combat boredom, make money and get a little bit of the old you back.

If you’re a keen baker, you could start a business selling your bakes from home, or, if you’re excellent at crafts, why not start making gifts and cards at home to sell to the general public. Alternatively, an ironing business or dog walking enterprise could be the way forward, if you’d prefer something a little less strenuous. You might need some start up cash to fund your pending business, in which case you could take out a loan to get you started. If you’re struggling with debt following the expense of multiple baby purchases, consolidating your credit card debt will make it easier to keep track of your repayments.


Sell unused or nearly-new baby goods

Baby stuff - bottles, booties, bath toys

Have you got a stash of brand new babygros that were never worn and which will no longer fit your baby? If you’re sure there are no more little ones to come in the future, then don’t be afraid to sell unused clothes – even if they were gifts – online or at baby groups so that someone else can benefit from their use, while you top up your bank balance. Babies tend to only use items a handful of times before they’re no longer needed, so if the moses basket is now defunct or the door bouncer is gathering dust in the cupboard, now is the time to sell them on and make a few pounds.


Get online

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The internet is awash with money making opportunities. There are an abundance of survey sites which you can use to participate in market research while your baby naps, although it can take a while to build enough funds for a payout. Alternatively, you could start a blog and use affiliates to rake in an income, or, sign up to an online marketplace freelance service and bid for work in your area of expertise. When browsing or shopping online, you should always remember to check out via a cashback website to gain a commission back on your purchases, too.

When your baby is sleeping there are multiple ways in which you can boost your personal finances and the key is finding what works best for you and your little one’s sleep routine.

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