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Sep 16

Weird & wonderful job salaries revealed – Feng Shui consultant paid almost the same as surgeons

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Europe’s leading online local services marketplace has conducted internal research on weird and wonderful job salaries, and compared the data with well-paid conventional professions, to see if there are any similarities in wages. analysed salary data from ten weird and wonderful jobs, such as a Feng Shui consultant, canine psychiatric therapist and professional bridesmaids and groomsmen, and compared it with the average salary for conventionally well-paid, high-pressure jobs, such as dentists, lawyers and surgeons.


High paying weird jobs

Below is a list of the highest-earning weird and wonderful jobs in the UK:

  1.   Feng Shui consultant £72,000
  2.   Period conservation practitioner £69,400
  3.   Canine psychiatric therapist £63,900
  4.   Upholsterer £57,200
  5.   Hypnotherapist £57,000
  6.   Qigong therapist £55,900
  7.   Homestager £49,600
  8.   Scuba diving instructor £45,000
  9.   Shiatsu therapist £41,250
  10.  Harpist £41,075

The average mean salary for the above jobs is £55,232, which is 16.3% more than a Lawyer’s average salary in the UK at £47,500*, 9.4% more than a Dentist’s at £50,466** and only a third less than a surgeon’s average salary of £77,000***.


How do you get these jobs?

The usual method to become an accredited Feng Shui consultant is to enroll in a training course, which usually run at weekends over 12 months and cost around £3,400 depending on the provider. To practice as a hypnotherapist, no formal qualification is required although it is desirable. In contrast, to be a qualified surgeon students must study for around 14 years depending on what field they specialise in. The student loan calculator estimates that surgeons accumulate a student debt of £63,400**** on average.

Online platform is Europe’s leading local services marketplace, which connects customers with local professionals for any project, including accountants, cleaners, DJs, personal trainers, plumbers, web designers and wedding photographers, to name a few.’s goal is to revolutionise how people find and sell local services online, get quotes, read reviews, message the professionals and hire – all through the website.

 Kai Feller, co-founder, said,

‘It’s interesting to see how well these unique and wonderful jobs pay, especially when you compare the salaries to those of conventional well-paid jobs. At we are proud to be able to connect people to the right professionals through our online platform, whether that be for interior design services or help with a troublesome pet!’


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1 year ago

Now the canine psychiatric therapist is really worth a look, but that is my prsonalopoinion

1 year ago

An interesting article.

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