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Apr 03

Which university courses will give the highest paid career

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There has been much talk of how to get the best out of your university degree over the last few years, and with good cause as it’s not as cheap or accessible as it used to be to study a course of higher education. With tuition fees and rising average student debt, it’s no wonder that many are questioning whether it’s even worth going to university or not? But we feel that given the right circumstances, it is, and if you are diligent in choosing the best option, then you can achieve the highest paid career available to you.


Vocational Courses

When we are looking at earning potential, then it is clear and evident that jobs that directly lead to a career have an instant advantage over general degree subjects. Take options such as medicine or law? These courses are not only ones that lead to a specific profession, but those professions can be very highly paid. Be aware, though, that these courses require professional diplomas to be completed before you will be a qualified practitioner, and this means a couple of extra years.


Finance & Business

If you are looking at more general courses, then you can do no worse when thinking of earning potential than finance and business qualifications. If you understand these subjects, then you will be of use in a wide variety of industries, and you will be well placed to get the best of jobs.


Any Course from a Good University

Sometimes it’s not what you study but more where you studied it? It’s common knowledge that many of the top employers will be impressed by a degree from a top school. It’s not only that, but you can make connections when studying that will help once you graduate, networking doesn’t need to begin after you’ve graduated. You can check out the English universities and see where each of them rank.


Post-Graduate Study

With university study becoming more popular these days, then it is always beneficial to look for any extra advantage you can find. Completing a course of post-graduate study will set you apart from all the other applicants who don’t have this advantage. If you look at studying an MBA (master’s in business administration), there are definite advantages in the professional world to holding this degree. Just having one of these will make you more attractive to any employer as it will show you have a higher level of knowledge of the business world. It is also an opportunity to network and make contacts while studying. Do make sure that you consider this carefully though, as they are expensive courses, the most expensive coming in at almost $200,000.


Courses with Work Experience

One last thing to consider is that if you can find a course that offers work experience placements as part of it, then this will significantly help when it comes to applying for jobs in the real world. This is better than most student job experience as you will be getting it in a proper professional environment.

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7 months ago

I didn’t directly use my degree to get a job but the life experience was invaluable.

7 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Yes, good point. If you do it right, university can teach you a lot about life, getting on with people, managing and running events etc.

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