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Jan 24

Why a VPN Affiliate Program is a Good Passive Income Stream

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A VPN affiliate program is an excellent way to earn a stream of passive income over time based on the performance of your own content. You sign up for the program and give people a way to contact the VPN service: If they sign up, you earn a commission that you can later withdraw. It’s really that simple – and here’s why it’s such a good solution for many people with an online presence.


It’s Really Easy to Get Started

When it comes to “passive income” people are rightfully suspicious that it takes a lot more work to actually get to the income part than companies are letting you know. Even affiliates programs can be guilty of this if they want you to do too much advertising or marketing work yourself. However, joining a VPN affiliate program really is quick and easy.

In most cases, all you have to do is create an affiliate account with the VPN. Then you get a referral link that you can use (plus sometimes a sign-up bonus, which is nice). Simply paste this link in published content that you have to start seeing results.

Of course, giving people a good reason to click on your referral link is key, and this is where VPN programs are especially easy to adapt to. If you want, you can simply say: “This is the trusted VPN that I use for my work, give it a try” and provide the link. For people who understand VPNs, that’s usually enough to ignite their curiosity. If you want to include longer explanations, you can do that on your own time, however is easiest for you!


You Can Use Your Existing Blog and Social Media

You don’t need a lot of resources to start earning money from a VPN affiliate program – usually, your online activity is already enough! Common places where VPN affiliate links thrive include:

  • Blogs: Put in a link recommendation at the end of your blog, or create blog posts specifically to talk about VPNs, why they’re important to you, and which you recommend.
  • Social Media: It’s easy to paste a referral link into the appropriate spot on your social media, perhaps a quick description of the security options you favor.
  • Social Platforms: This refers to platforms like Twitch where you reach an ongoing audience. In these cases, your audience has a vested interest in the software and security you use, so referring to your VPN in your profile makes a lot of sense.
  • Websites: Does your business rely on the VPN for protection or the security of customers? Mention it, and include the link so that people know where to go to learn more.


It’s Fine if People Take Time to Make Their Decision

One concern that people may have when signing up for these programs is what happens when people click on the referral link but then just don’t do anything. Do they still earn money? Well, referral programs will only produce income if the referee signs up for the service. However, most VPN referral links include cookies that will wait for the visitor to make a decision. That means that even if they come back weeks later to sign up, you will still get credit for it. These cookies, however, do tend to have a time limit, such as a month before they disappear.


Account Managers Can Help You Along the Way

Looking for more in-depth referral options? May you have a business or a blog that’s particular focused on digital privacy and VPNs, and you want help getting the most out of your referrals. VPNs like Surfshark provide you with a dedicated account manager that can help you set up your account quickly and get started on an effective commissions program: You can also get answers to questions about SEO, link buttons, and much more! This type of introduction and advice may be especially helpful for those who are new to affiliate programs. You can visit to learn more about this process!


You Can Access Extra Bonuses

If you want to earn as much as possible, there’s good news: Many VPN programs offer extra bonuses for specific affiliates that bring in more business. These bonuses include more partnership opportunities and additional assets that can help you earn even more money. These options give you a path into growing this part of your income in the future if it turns out to be successful for you.

Keep in mind, basic programs have tiers you can progress in over time even if you prefer to keep things simple with a few links here or there. You may be able to earn a greater commission just by sticking with the program for several months.


Withdrawals are Very Easy

Withdrawals are quick and effortless! Payouts are arranged digitally and generally accessible after a month or so of activity. Many VPNs offer payment through familiar programs like PayPal, so this part of the program is easy to set up and reliable. You can withdrawal as you need to, according to your own schedule, or set up auto payments if this works better for your situation.


VPNs Offer a Lot of Versatile Features

Why does this matter? Because it gives you excellent ways to market a VPN when you’re a part of the program! Many affiliate programs are somewhat limited in what you can talk about. If you’re an affiliate for a hotel, you can encourage people to…well, stay at the hotel. Maybe rent a room for employees.

A VPN, on the other hand, has many different applications, which means you can advertise those services to a variety of people. Some people may want a VPN because of how it facilitates peer to peer data sharing. Others may want it so that their internet provider can’t track their activity as easily. One group of users may be interested in general information encryption as they browse online, while another may be interested in how a VPN allows them to access content from other regions they couldn’t get before. All these features are different marketing options for you to use when recommending the service!


Your Own Growth Will Also Grow Your Income

A great thing about this type of affiliate program is that your own success can also increase the income you receive from the program. The more you grow your own audience, the more views your affiliate links will receive, which in turn raises the likelihood of more signups, increasing your income flow. As your own online presence gets more results, your income from affiliate programs can also grow, a win-win scenario that rewards your efforts in multiple ways.


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