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Why the best interest rate isn’t always the best decision for your money!

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Very interesting article.

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Money and what we do with it is always a hot topic in the UK and with good reason. People’s opinions on what to do with their hard-earned money are as diverse and divisive as those that surround the continuing fallout from Brexit. Will we be heading towards a bright new tomorrow or utter financial apocalypse?

Often, in cases such as these it’s best to look towards the middle ground. Here you will find the majority of Britons unsure and planted firmly on the fence. One thing we can all agree on though is that, in a time of financial uncertainty, spending with reckless abandon and loading up those credit cards is not the way forward.


So, you should put your money in a savings account, right? Well not necessarily!

Man thinking about savings

So, we know we need to curb our spending, but what is the best way to use the money we save? In the past, the default answer has always been to look for the best interest rates in various savings accounts. Place your savings there and wait for the yearly teaser interest rate to expire before moving it on elsewhere. You can, of course, still do this, but people are becoming increasingly wary of banks and current interest rates are far from appealing.

A quick breeze through the latest comparison websites for such financial institutions gives us an average interest rate of 1.30% for easy access savings and 2.2% for fixed (2 year) savings accounts. It is, then, not surprising that people are looking for alternatives. Ranging from the obvious – such as checking your mortgage deal, looking at energy providers and getting tough with insurers. Then there’s the more adventurous routes, which will be our focus for the remainder of this article.


The alternatives

Trading app

One of the more adventurous options is Trading platforms. The rise of Trading platforms, designed specifically to go after a broader market and to make trading seem accessible to all, at a time when people are looking for different ways to use their money should not come as a surprise. However these Trading platforms carry huge amounts of risk and are essentially no better than bookmakers if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

However, there is another growing industry, which has been around for a long time but only now is experiencing a return to relevancy in a world that trusts banks less and less. That industry is Matched Betting. Now before you jump to conclusions based on the name, let us first explain what it is and the concept.


What is Matched Betting?

Heads and Heads Graphic

Matched Betting is a mathematical technique used by individuals to profit from free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers without risking their own funds.”

This concept is quite a hard one to sell. However, those that participate quickly see the benefits and why it should be considered a viable alternative to savings accounts and investment banks. Unlike Trading platforms, who’s advertisements often hint at the immense wealth that can be generated from trading, Matched Betting knows it won’t make millionaires. But equally it knows it can make you far more than many investment opportunities and more importantly, it can do all this without any risk.


This is where Heads&Heads comes in!

Heads&Heads is one such matched betting company. The message is simple, they can help you supplement your income. It’s not about making you rich, but helping you grow what you already have. By using calculations rather than chance, Heads&Heads can confidently say, that with very little effort, their members can make £500 per month. Heads&Heads are not a ‘get rich quick scheme’. A degree of effort is needed by members in order to make a monthly income – which, by the way, is tax free for individuals in the UK.

Let’s be upfront about this; Matched Betting does need a bit of your time, but the returns are so much greater than just putting your money into a savings account and waiting for the interest to build up. Heads&Heads states that 1-hour 5x a week is enough for their new members to hit £500 profit per month. So, the question is, whether this return versus a savings account is sufficient enough to warrant the time invested. Well, let’s take a look.


The Example

Heads&Heads have several guides for beginners depending on how much money they are able to initially commit. If we take the highest amount, the £100 to £1,000 guide, let’s see what you and Heads&Heads can do with £100 in 2 months vs the best fixed savings account. To make things even more interesting, we are going to abide by the rules of the fixed rate savings account – i.e we deposit a realistic amount of £1,000.


Fixed Rate Saver (Atom Bank – £1,000 deposit) = £1,000 x 2.05%* p.a = £20.50 per year


Matched Betting with Heads&Heads with only a £100 initial commitment= £500 per month / 20hrs = £25 per hour



Woman thinking

Even though it’s difficult to do a direct comparison between the two, you can see that the financial rewards of Matched Betting with Heads&Heads clearly demonstrates that the best interest rate isn’t always the best decision for your money.

Many will still cry foul, claiming matched betting is not safe. If you follow the hugely detailed instructions (and videos), it’s mathematically impossible to lose your money. But Heads&Heads understands your doubts, and answers by offering a completely free trial for two bookmaker offers. Doing these offers should net you a profit of around £40 – a rate that is nearly double the money you’d make after a year on a £1,000 investment in the best fixed rate bond on the market.

Once you understand the process and see it in action, we are certain that you’ll see that the best option for investing your money is in matched betting.

*Source – Atom Bank website (July 2018). Fixed Savers section. Rate referenced is their 12-month Fixed Rate saver

Click here for the Heads&Heads free trial


Use special code: MAGPIE5 to get your first months premium membership for just £1!




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Very interesting article.

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