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Nov 05

Why you need a logo for your business

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Starting your own business is a challenging prospect. With all the other things you have to maintain, you probably haven’t given much thought to your branding or, more importantly, your logo. But your logo is immensely important to the success of your business. It represents the face of your company and, more importantly, your brand.

But what exactly is your brand? Branding is the process and practice of creating a visual association with your company. Customers already understand your brand. When they interact with you and form opinions about the service they get, the quality of your products, and what they think about your company, your brand is formed. It exists in the minds of your customers. Branding is taking this idea and putting a face to it so that customers will associate the thoughts and feelings they have about your company with this imagery. A logo is the focal point of branding; it’s what everything about your brand stands around.

There are plenty of ways to get a logo created for your business. You can hire a professional designer to make one or you can make one yourself. However you do it, it’s a necessary step to establish your brand. Read on to find out why.


A Logo Communicates Your Identity

In the business world, you want your customers and leads to recognize and remember you. Having a good logo helps with this, and what helps, even more, is using it to its full potential. You can put your logo on letterheads, advertisements, vehicles, flyers, business cards, your website, and anything else you want to associate with your brand. Using your logo liberally tells the world that you’re a thriving company with relevant goods and services to offer.


A Logo Entices New Customers

People are interested in flashy colors and unique visuals. Having the name of your business plastered across your website or shop in a plain font isn’t going to garner much attention. On the other hand, a well-designed logo that’s unique and draws attention to itself will have potential new customers wonder what exactly you’re offering and what makes it so great that it’s represented by this amazing logo.


A Logo Differentiates You From Competition

A good logo should differentiate you from your competition. It sets you apart from the cliched ideas used in your industry. Think, for example, how many independent pizza shops have a little chef with a tall, white hat, holding an oversized pizza as their logo. Now think about how many of those pizza joints you can differentiate from each other. Your logo should push the boundaries. Strive to be different.


A Logo Creates Brand Loyalty

A good logo creates a certain expectation in the mind of your customers. They associate the logo with your business and, when they see it in other areas or products, they automatically associate the quality they get from your other products and services with whatever it is they’ve encountered. This is brand loyalty. Having a strong message and brand associated with your logo is a powerful thing. And it’s something that every business should encourage


A Logo Can Be Anywhere

Having a logo means you can build an association for your customers across everything you make or do. You can have it on all of your stationery, on your website, social media, and your packaging. It’s the perfect way to advertise your brand as these logos can end up in all sorts of places, whether it’s online, in the store, or in your customer’s homes. If your brand’s message is clear, and it’s been tied to your logo, everything that has your logo on it reflects this message and your business.

Having a good logo that communicates your brand’s message is an invaluable business tool. Even if you don’t spend a lot of resources on having one made, just having a logo is going to create an awareness in your customers that gives them a positive association and will keep them familiar with you.


Once you’ve decided what kind of logo you’re after, read more of our small business articles here.


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