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World Cup Predictions and how matched betting can help you win with no risk

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With the World Cup in Russia now truly underway, it’s time to start thinking about potential predictions for the tournament.

Here at MoneyMagpie we like to think we’re pretty good at seeing into the financial future, so we thought we’d apply that type of thinking to football. Plus, if you don’t like the risks involved in betting or don’t fancy our knowledge, read on to find out how to lose and still win with matched betting.

Before you get started with matched betting you’re going to need to look at opening some new accounts to get some bonuses. One place that we’ve found could be beneficial for this is Footy Accumulators. This site has a section dedicated to bringing you the latest new customer offers form each bookmaker making finding the right offer much easier.




Brazilian Football Team

Brazil. Okay, so hear us out. Brazil didn’t exactly fly through the group stages. Still hurting from that 7-1 semi-final defeat against Germany on home turf in 2014, Brazil were predicted to blaze through this tournament. Easily qualifying top of their South America qualifiers league, they looked like a hardened team. Since taking over in June 2016, manager Tite has a 78% win percentage and has only lost one game in charge.

In a recent friendly against Germany in Berlin, Brazil secured a comfortable 1-0 victory, ending Germany’s 22-match unbeaten run. It’s folly to read too much into friendlies, but Brazil looked hungry and less vulnerable at the back than usual. However, so far it hasn’t quite clicked in the tournament, yet the fact they’re still in it, makes us think this Brazil team can still go all the way.

Coutinho has been in incredible form and Neymar seems like he’s slowly coming alive. We think they have what it takes to go all the way.


Golden Boot

Harry Kane

Harry Kane. No, we don’ think that England will go all the way, they might not even make it to the semis, but Harry Kane is so prolific that it probably won’t matter. Every game he plays he’s the absolute focal point of an England side that have goals in them. It won’t matter if England go out before the tournament’s final weekend, we think by that point Harry will have all the goals he needs. Ronaldo may give him a run for his money, but there’s something about Kane that makes us think he’ll be taking that golden boot home to the shores of Britain.


Golden glove

Fernando Muslera

Fernando Muslera. We had thought David De Gea might be in with a shout of winning this, but with Spain’s surprise defeat against Russia eliminating him early, our bets lie with Fernando Muslera. Uruguay have been rock solid in this tournament, only conceding one goal so far and keeping 3 clean sheets. Muslera is leading the race for the golden glove. A tough road lies ahead on the route to the final, but with the best centre-back pairing in the world – Godin and Gimenez – in front of Muslera’s goal, it looks like they’ll keep the balls out.

Uruguay favour a solid defensive foundation over fancy attacking play, so you can count on them to pile bodies behind the balls and hound opposition strikers away from the danger zone. Even if Uruguay go out before the final, we’re confident in Muslera to have racked up enough clean sheets until then.


Matched betting: How to win with no risk

Matched betting is a process whereby you take advantage of special offers bookies put up that give you free bets. You place a bet on an outcome and then also bet against it using a betting exchange, in such a way that a profitable outcome is guaranteed. Heads&Heads is a reliable service that does this all for you and makes the process very simple. Here’s what happens:

  1. Heads&Heads find the right offers for you
  2. You choose the offer you would like to do. For example, Coral have an offer on – Bet £5 get a £20 free bet.
  3. You then place a £5 bet with Coral on a horse to win.
  4. You place another £5 on the same horse to lose with a Betting Exchange.
  5. These bets will then cancel each other out AND you’ll now have access to your free bet without risking your own money.
  6. Place your bet and withdraw your profit

It’s an incredibly simple premise and all the money you make through Bookmakers is tax free. If you make £1,500 in one month from Matched Betting, which is completely possible, it’s all yours, to do with as you wish.

You can sign up here to get going, just in time for the World Cup. There is no way to lose and of course it is completely legal!



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