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Make £30k a year as a supercar scout

Reading Time: 2 mins Do you love cars? Do you really, really love cars and ... read more

Make £45 an hour as a professional holiday packer

Reading Time: 2 mins Summer holiday season is here! And that means lots of packing. ... read more

The secret to getting a pay rise

Reading Time: 6 mins How do you pluck up the courage to ask for that dreaded pay rise? ... read more

Get Paid to Eat Chocolate!

Reading Time: 2 mins Wow. If somebody told us there is a job where we ... read more

The ultimate guide to scoring part time or casual work this summer

Reading Time: 3 mins Summer is seen as a fun time when the sun comes ... read more

Bargain Hunters! Get paid £30 an hour to hunt for valuables at car boot sales

Reading Time: 2 mins Do you think you have a nose for a bargain? Do ... read more

Get paid £60k to travel the world as a tutor

Reading Time: 2 mins Have you caught the travel bug? Are you a seasoned backpacker? ... read more

£50k videographer job

Reading Time: 2 mins Handy with a camera? Professional videographer? Worked in film, but want ... read more

Get paid £20 an hour to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Reading Time: 2 mins Calling all Harry Potter fans! Get paid to be a wizard! ... read more

Get Paid to be a stormtrooper at new Star Wars theme park

Reading Time: 2 mins Everybody loves Star Wars right? Yes, it’s true they probably should’ve ... read more

Earn £35 an hour to talk about your favourite TV shows, sports and music

Reading Time: 2 mins Fancy making some cash from all those hours of bingeing on ... read more

Get paid £55k to cut down corporate waffle

Reading Time: 2 mins Fancy working somewhere for a good cause? No, we’re not talking ... read more

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