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The world’s 7 coolest careers: Earn over £50,000 working below freezing

Reading Time: 3 mins From the Hazmat Specialists of America to the Outdoor Instructors in ... read more

What to do at university to help prepare for a career

Reading Time: 3 mins There are two sides to your life at university – there’s ... read more

5 perfect jobs for Narcissists

Reading Time: 4 mins Self-important, loves attention, hates criticism, demanding, arrogant and sneakily manipulative. Sound ... read more

Get paid £500 an hour for telling millionaires how to spend their money

Reading Time: 2 mins What’s the next best thing to being an actual millionaire? Telling ... read more

Get paid to taste test Thatchers Cider at Premiership rugby match

Reading Time: 2 mins Love Cider? Love Rugby? If you answered yes to both of ... read more

Make Money Naming Other People’s Businesses

Reading Time: 2 mins The job market today is getting ever more competitive. You need ... read more

Get paid £35k a year to binge watch box sets

Reading Time: 2 mins There’s nothing better than coming home from a hard day at ... read more

Earn £40k a year to travel the world as designer/stylist

Reading Time: 2 mins We’ve scoured the internet and found another dream job for you. ... read more

Get paid £75k to test jets, yachts & private islands

Reading Time: 2 mins An exclusive online marketplace dubbed ‘Amazon for millionaires’ is looking to ... read more

Make money as a spy

Reading Time: 2 mins Everybody wants to be James Bond. Most of us are more ... read more

Which is the best city for your trade? And which trade earns the most?

Reading Time: 4 mins Whether you’re a brickie, a sparky, or a plumber looking to ... read more

Earn £700 as a Rabble Instructor

Reading Time: 3 mins Are you an active go-getter seeking to supplement your income? This ... read more

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