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£50k videographer job

Reading Time: 2 mins Handy with a camera? Professional videographer? Worked in film, but want ... read more

Get paid £20 an hour to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Reading Time: 2 mins Calling all Harry Potter fans! Get paid to be a wizard! ... read more

Get Paid to be a stormtrooper at new Star Wars theme park

Reading Time: 2 mins Everybody loves Star Wars right? Yes, it’s true they probably should’ve ... read more

Earn £35 an hour to talk about your favourite TV shows, sports and music

Reading Time: 2 mins Fancy making some cash from all those hours of bingeing on ... read more

Get paid £55k to cut down corporate waffle

Reading Time: 2 mins Fancy working somewhere for a good cause? No, we’re not talking ... read more

Get paid £40 an hour to teach people about Game of Thrones

Reading Time: 2 mins Are you the dedicated Game of Thrones expert in your friendship ... read more

Earn £45 an hour searching for white Cadbury Crème Eggs

Reading Time: 2 mins Love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory? Well, now that golden ... read more

£40k apprenticeship Opportunity

Reading Time: 2 mins HushHush.com, an exclusive online marketplace dubbed ‘Amazon for millionaires’. It is ... read more

What to do at university to help prepare for a career

Reading Time: 3 mins There are two sides to your life at university – there’s ... read more

5 perfect jobs for Narcissists

Reading Time: 4 mins Self-important, loves attention, hates criticism, demanding, arrogant and sneakily manipulative. Sound ... read more

Get paid £500 an hour for telling millionaires how to spend their money

Reading Time: 2 mins What’s the next best thing to being an actual millionaire? Telling ... read more

Get paid to taste test Thatchers Cider at Premiership rugby match

Reading Time: 2 mins Love Cider? Love Rugby? If you answered yes to both of ... read more

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