Oct 16

2018’s Top ICOs Listings Marketplace

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Today, it’s hard to get an accurate number of ICO list in the cryptocurrency market. From active ICOs, upcoming ICOs, and past ICOs, the list is endless. There are numerous platforms that boast of providing the best ICO list in the market. However, most of these are a shadow of themselves and only a few are reliable. To help you, we undertook rigorous research to find the best icos 2018 and trustworthy names.


ICO Alert

ICO alert is a trusted ICO discovery platform that provides a comprehensive list of upcoming and active initial coin offerings. ICO Alert doesn’t only cover ICOs, they also cover token generation events, token sales, and crowd sales. Not only do they serve thousands of unique users but also send almost a million ICO alerts to its users especially when new ICOs is going live.



With hundreds of cryptocurrencies currently in the market, and more created each month, it’s difficult to decide which particular coin to hold and invest. This platform was set up because of the lack of a proper quantitative way of measuring the worth of a coin. Furthermore, the current way of performing cryptocurrency valuation revolves around the use of market capitalization and metrics that is influenced by pre-mined coins. However, CoinGecko aims at collecting all the data required to qualitatively and quantitatively rank the potential of a particular coin. Additionally, the platform benchmarks the coins using their own algorithm that determines how valuable a particular coin is in comparison to its peers.


ICO Bench

This platform is both a rating and listing platform for ICO that is supported by well-known experts in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Their experts also span from other areas such as finance, banking, marketing, legal, media, investments, and trading. Because of their affiliation with different experts, they utilize a bot Benchy that always monitors ICOs while rating them as well. Additionally, the platform also provides free legal reviews for the ICOs listed through its crypto-lawyers. The ICOs are listed in categories by classifying them in their various industries, which enables you to learn more about their team, finance, whitepaper, funding, and milestones.


ICO Rating

ICO Rating is a rating agency, which provides independent analytical research, evaluates ICO projects and assign rating to them. The platform is aimed at developing clear assessment standards for projects while at the same time assigning ratings using a transparent and standardized scale. An unbiased analysis of the strengths, weakness, team, and technical features of its platform allows ICO Rating to accurately assess risks and create a comprehensive overview of the project and its potential.


ICO Picker

The main object of this platform in evaluating the ICO market is to assist potential investors with in-depth analysis of the ICOs available. With this analysis, investors can make informed decisions on whether it’s viable to invest in such offerings. The ICO Picker utilizes a unique rating technique in analyzing ICO projects with its evaluation based on different factors such as financial budget, team experience, use of seeds, project ideas, investment return, growth potential, and various risk involved in such offerings.



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