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25 Best Side Hustles For Nurses That Pay Well In 2023

Moneymagpie Team 8th Dec 2023 No Comments

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Nursing is a noble profession that demands dedication, compassion, and resilience. However, with the rising cost of living and the unpredictable nature of healthcare, many nurses are looking for ways to supplement their income. 

Side hustles not only provide an additional source of income but also offer opportunities to utilize one’s skills in diverse settings. Here are some popular side hustles for nurses:


1. Selling Feet Pics

Selling feet pics is a potentially lucrative side hustle for nurses. With their busy schedules, this hustle offers flexibility, needing only a camera and an internet connection. 

Nurses can take pictures of their feet during breaks or after shifts, and upload them to various online platforms like FeetFinder. 

The beauty of this side hustle lies in its simplicity and discretion. Nurses don’t need to reveal their identity, ensuring privacy. 

They can creatively capture their feet in different settings or with various accessories. This venture is not only about selling pictures; it’s about artistry and understanding market trends.

It’s essential for nurses to research and understand the legalities and guidelines of selling such images. 

2. Medical Surveys

Medical surveys offer a unique blend of reflection and reward. Pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and healthcare startups are on a constant lookout for genuine feedback from healthcare professionals. 

By participating in these surveys, nurses can influence the future of medicine, ensuring that products and services align with real-world needs. 

It’s an opportunity to voice opinions, share experiences, and contribute to the larger medical narrative. And the best part? Every completed survey adds a little extra to your bank account. It’s a seamless way to merge professional insights with personal gains.

3. Writer In Health & Medicine Niche

Medicine & health niche has gain a lot of attention after the pandemic of COVID-19. A lot of websites, news agencies and companies are looking for people who can write in this niche.  

This niche requires deep understanding, knowledge & specialization. It kind of creates a gap between complex medical jargon and public understanding. This is where nurses with a knack for writing can step in. 

By penning down articles, blogs, or informative guides, they can bridge this gap. It’s about translating medical complexities into relatable narratives. 

Whether it’s discussing the latest research, offering wellness tips, or sharing personal experiences, writing provides a platform to reach a wider audience. 

And as the demand for authentic health content grows, so does the potential for a lucrative writing career.

4. Tutor Nursing Students

The journey of becoming a nurse is filled with challenges, from grasping intricate subjects to mastering practical skills. 

As seasoned professionals, nurses have the opportunity to guide aspiring students through this journey. Tutoring is not just about sharing knowledge; it’s about mentoring, offering insights, and shaping future healthcare heroes. 

By revisiting foundational concepts, tutors also reinforce their own expertise. The joy of witnessing a student’s “aha” moment, coupled with the financial incentives, makes tutoring a fulfilling side hustle.

5. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nursing is a game-changer. It’s healthcare at the touch of a button. As a telehealth nurse, you’ll be the virtual face of care. Consult with patients, assess symptoms, and provide guidance—all from your computer. 

It’s a blend of tech-savvy and nursing know-how. The best part? You can say goodbye to long commutes and hello to flexible schedules. 

Moreover, you’re expanding access to healthcare, one video call at a time. It’s a fulfilling role that brings care into the digital age.

6. Start A Blog Around Nursing

Imagine a space where your nursing stories come to life. That’s what starting a blog offers. It’s your platform to inspire, educate, and connect. 

Share your daily triumphs, the challenges you’ve overcome, or tips for aspiring nurses. Your blog can be a beacon for those curious about the nursing world. And as your audience grows, so do opportunities for monetization. 

Collaborate with brands, offer paid subscriptions, or create educational content. Your nursing journey can inspire countless others, and a blog is the perfect medium to share it.

7. Phlebotomist

Phlebotomy is an art and a science. As a phlebotomist, you’re not just drawing blood; you’re ensuring patient comfort and accuracy in diagnostics. 

This role requires a steady hand and a reassuring presence. It’s a skill that’s always in demand, in hospitals, clinics, or even mobile units. 

The work is precise, and the impact is significant. You’re the first step in a patient’s journey to diagnosis and treatment. And with flexible hours and competitive pay, it’s a side hustle that’s both rewarding and practical.

8. Nurse Clinical Adjunct Instructor

Becoming a Nurse Clinical Adjunct Instructor is about more than just teaching. It’s a chance to pass on the torch, to share the wisdom you’ve acquired over the years. Students look up to you, eager to learn and absorb every piece of advice. 

It’s not just about teaching clinical skills; it’s about sharing the nuances, the challenges, and the triumphs you’ve faced in your journey. 

By guiding nursing students through their clinical rotations, you offer them a glimpse into the real-world scenarios they’ll soon encounter. It’s an opportunity to shape their perspectives, ensuring they’re not just clinically competent but also compassionate and patient-centric. 

Moreover, this role allows you to reflect on your own practices, continuously learning and growing alongside your students. It’s a fulfilling venture, both professionally and personally.

9. Nurse Health Coach

As a Nurse Health Coach, you’re not just a nurse; you’re a guide, a mentor, and a confidant. You delve deep into the intricacies of nutrition, mental health, and physical well-being, crafting personalized health plans for individuals. 

But it’s not just about diet charts and exercise routines. It’s about understanding individual challenges, offering emotional support, and celebrating small victories. 

With the rise of telehealth and online consultations, the scope for health coaching has expanded exponentially. 

You have the potential to reach a global audience, making a tangible difference in countless lives. It’s a journey of empowerment, both for you and those you coach.

10. Social Media Management

As a nurse, you possess a wealth of knowledge and experiences that the world needs to hear. Venturing into social media management allows you to earn a lot of money.  

Create engaging content, debunk medical myths, share patient success stories, or offer daily health tips. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are powerful tools to amplify your voice. 

Engaging with a global audience not only positions you as a thought leader in the healthcare space but also offers numerous monetization opportunities. 

Collaborations, sponsored posts, online workshops – the possibilities are endless. It’s a blend of creativity, communication, and care, opening doors to a world of opportunities.

11. Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is more than just typing; it’s about ensuring that every spoken word from healthcare professionals is accurately documented. 

Imagine being the bridge between a doctor’s observations and a patient’s medical records. Every diagnosis, every recommendation, captured by your keen ears and swift fingers. This role demands attention to detail, as even a minor error can have significant implications. 

But the perks? Many transcriptionists enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, be it a bustling cafe or a quiet corner at home. 

Also, immersing oneself in medical terminologies can be intellectually stimulating. It’s a role that combines the challenges of medicine with the flexibility of remote work.

12. Virtual Assistant

The digital age has birthed a new kind of assistant: the Virtual Assistant (VA). As a VA, you become the backbone of someone’s professional life, albeit from a distance. 

Think of all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a business or managing a busy schedule. That’s where you come in. From scheduling meetings, handling correspondence, to even managing social media accounts, your tasks can be diverse and many. 

The beauty of this role lies in its flexibility. You can choose who you work for and decide your hours. Plus, the variety of tasks ensures that no two days are the same. It’s a dynamic role that offers both challenges and the comfort of working from your preferred space.

13. Start A YouTube Channel

Ever thought of sharing your story with the world? YouTube is your stage. Start a channel. Share your expertise, be it medical tips or daily vlogs. 

It’s not just about uploading videos; it’s about creating a community. Share insights from your profession, offer health tips, or simply document your daily life. 

Engage with your audience through comments, live sessions, and collaborations (Mr. Beast is a perfect example of this). As you consistently upload and interact, you’ll see your subscriber count rise, and with it, potential earnings. Plus, there’s the added benefit of honing your communication and editing skills. With dedication and creativity, your YouTube channel could become a significant source of both income and influence.

14. Part-time Caregiver

Being a part-time caregiver is a role that goes beyond just assisting with daily tasks. It’s about forming genuine connections and making a tangible difference in someone’s life. 

You can help the elderly or those with special needs, or children, the impact you make is profound. It’s the small moments—like sharing a laugh, listening to their stories, or simply being there during tough times—that make this role truly rewarding. 

While the hours are flexible, the bonds you form are lasting. And as you navigate this journey, you’ll find that the emotional rewards often outweigh the financial ones. 

It’s a role that’s both challenging and heartwarming, offering a unique perspective on life and relationships.

15. Immunization Nurse

Vaccines save lives, and as an Immunization Nurse, you’re on the frontline. Administer shots. Educate the public. Be the shield against diseases. It’s a role that’s more relevant now than ever. With global health concerns on the rise, your expertise is in high demand

Every day, you’re not just administering vaccines; you’re safeguarding communities from potential outbreaks. Your hands hold the power to protect and prevent. 

With each shot, you’re not just injecting a vaccine; you’re instilling hope. In a world where health concerns are ever-evolving, your role as an Immunization Nurse is indispensable, making you a silent hero in the fight against diseases.

16. Door-to-Door Nurse

Imagine bringing the expertise and care of a hospital right to someone’s living room. That’s the essence of a Door-to-Door Nurse. It’s a job that goes beyond just medical procedures; it’s about offering a personalized touch. 

Many patients, especially the elderly or those with mobility issues, find hospital visits challenging. You bridge that gap. 

From routine check-ups, administering medications, to offering post-operative care, you do it all, but with the added comfort of a familiar environment for the patient. 

It’s a role that demands adaptability, compassion, and a deep understanding of human emotions. By being a Door-to-Door Nurse, you’re redefining healthcare, making it more accessible, personal, and humane.

17. Pet Sitting

For those who find joy in the company of animals, pet sitting offers a delightful opportunity. It’s not just about ensuring they’re fed and walked; it’s about understanding each pet’s unique personality and needs. 

Whether it’s playing fetch with an energetic dog, soothing an anxious cat, or simply watching over a quiet hamster, each moment is special. 

Pet owners often worry about leaving their beloved animals behind, and as a pet sitter, you provide that much-needed peace of mind. 

It’s a responsibility, yes, but also a chance to bond with various animals and earn from it. In a world where the hustle and bustle often drown out the simple joys, pet sitting brings you closer to nature’s purest forms of love and affection.

18. Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups are platforms where you can voice your thoughts, experiences, and preferences about products or services. It’s not just about critiquing; it’s about shaping the future of brands. 

Every feedback session you participate in could lead to better products on the shelves or improved user experiences. And the best part? You get compensated for your insights. It’s a win-win: you get to share your views, influence brands, and earn from the comfort of your home.

19. Real Estate Investing

Investing in it isn’t just about buying properties; it’s about foreseeing opportunities, understanding market trends, and making informed decisions. 

You can consider residential rentals or commercial spaces, or even vacation homes, each investment can yield significant returns if done right. But it’s not just about the money; it’s about creating lasting assets, revitalizing communities, and even providing homes for families. 

With the right research, networking, and strategy, real estate investing can be both a lucrative and fulfilling venture. Dive deep, explore the market, and let your investments pave the way for a secure future.

20. Delivery Gigs

Transform your vehicle into a source of income with delivery gigs. You can drop off a hot meal or ensure a package reaches its destination, every delivery counts. 

Drive through different neighborhoods, familiarize yourself with local eateries, and enjoy the satisfaction of timely deliveries. The best part? You decide when to start and when to call it a day. 

It’s a blend of exploration, service, and autonomy. With every drop-off, you not only earn money but also the gratitude of those eagerly awaiting their orders.

21. Uber Or Lyft Driver

Turn your driving skills into a lucrative venture with ridesharing platforms like Uber or Lyft. Each trip introduces you to diverse individuals, each with their own stories and destinations. 

From early morning airport runs to late-night pickups, the demand is constant. The flexibility is unmatched; you choose when to log in and when to relax.

Plus, the tips and ratings system ensures that good service is often rewarded. It’s not just about transportation; it’s about providing a safe, comfortable journey for every passenger.

22. Set-Up An Etsy/Instagram Shop

Channel your creativity into a profitable online venture. Platforms like Etsy and Instagram are perfect for showcasing unique crafts, artwork, or even vintage finds. 

Engage with a community that values originality and craftsmanship. With each product listing, you’re not just offering an item but a piece of your creativity. 

Detailed descriptions, quality photos, and engaging posts can attract a loyal customer base. It’s a chance to monetize your skills, interact with like-minded individuals, and build a brand that resonates with your values and aesthetics.

23. CPR Instructor

As a CPR Instructor you equip others with life-saving skills. It’s not just about compressions and breaths; it’s about instilling confidence. From anxious parents to corporate employees, your students come with varied motivations. 

Your role? Guide them, teach them, and empower them. With every class, you’re not just imparting knowledge; you’re potentially saving lives. 

The satisfaction of seeing a student master the technique is unparalleled. Dive into this role, and become a beacon of hope and safety in your community.

24. Clinical Research Coordinator

Behind every medical breakthrough, there’s rigorous testing and research. Enter the Clinical Research Coordinator. You’re the linchpin, ensuring studies run smoothly. 

From recruiting participants to ensuring protocol adherence, your role is multifaceted. It’s not just about data; it’s about ethics, safety, and innovation. 

Every trial you oversee could lead to treatments that change lives. The stakes are high, but so are the rewards. 

With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for progress, you can pave the way for medical advancements. Embrace this role, and be at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

25. Travel Nurse

Adventure meets profession. As a Travel Nurse, every assignment is a new horizon. Different cities, diverse facilities, and a plethora of experiences await. It’s not just about nursing; it’s about adapting, exploring, and growing. 

Every assignment is like a fresh chapter, filled with new challenges, diverse patient demographics, and unique healthcare environments. While most people yearn for the familiarity of a single workplace, you thrive on change. 

Beyond the work, there’s the undeniable thrill of exploration. Discover new cities, indulge in local cuisines, and immerse yourself in different cultures. And the best part? Most travel nursing agencies offer enticing packages, covering everything from housing to travel expenses. 

It’s a career that promises both professional fulfillment and personal adventure. In the world of nursing, Travel Nurses are the true explorers, always on the move, always learning.

26. Legal Nurse Consultant

Merging the worlds of law and medicine, a Legal Nurse Consultant stands at the crossroads. Your expertise? Deciphering medical jargon for legal professionals. 

Lawyers often grapple with medical records, trying to discern the nuances. That’s where you step in. Your role involves meticulously analyzing medical information, clarifying doubts, and providing expert opinions that can make or break a case. 

If it’s a medical malpractice lawsuit or a personal injury claim, your expertise becomes the cornerstone of evidence. 

Furthermore, you might find yourself in the witness stand, testifying and providing clarity to the court. It’s a role that not only leverages your medical knowledge but also challenges you to understand the legal landscape. 

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence,

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