Jun 08

3 Recession-Busting Tips

Sick of running after money in the recession? We’ve got three quick recession-busting tips for you. There are loads more like this on the site and we’ve always got more ideas which will now come straight to your inbox in our weekly newsletter. Enjoy!

  1. Get freebies
  2. Follow the money
  3. Get into green living

Recession-busting tip 1 –Get freebies

recession-bustingWhy pay if you can get it for free? There’s always been a lot of stuff out there that you could get your hands on for nothing. Now it’s even more important to get as much as you can for free.

We’re always updating our freebie information and we have lots of articles to get you going on your freebie search. Here are a few ideas now:

  • Get free meals by becoming a mystery shopper. Get the real inside tips on being a mystery shopper and avoiding the dodgy ‘agencies with our best-selling eBook.
  • Get free money by contacting your old banks and savings schemes to see if you’ve got dormant accounts.
  • Get entertainment for free.
  • Get new freebies every week by checking our Free stuff article.
  • Entertain the kids for cheap with our ideas.

Remember, there are all kinds of free things available from food to books to holidays if you try. Keep checking the site for the latest ideas.


recession-busting tip 2 – Follow the money

It seems like nearly everyone’s doing badly in the recession apart from dodgy payday loans companies and bailiffs. But it doesn’t have to be just the dodgy types that do well out of the gloom. Some good professions are doing very well and could fare even better as time goes on.

Take some time to think about where the gaps in the market are now. You could be surprised at what’s available to you. For example:

  • People who can mend and recondition things to resell are doing a lot of business – such as cobblers and people who can sew.
  • Those selling cheaper goods are busy, including open-air markets, car boot sales and discount shops. This means that you could do well selling stuff on eBay, eBid and other auction sites.
  • People are going for second-hand goods even more as they are generally cheaper.
  • The lettings business is brisk (though rentals are cheaper) while house sales are in the doldrumrecession-busting

In other words, there are opportunities to make money even in a downturn. See our articles on how to make money in a recession here.

You can even make money out of misery if you’re creative! MoneyMagpie is all about making money as well as saving money so you can find lots of ways to do it here.

Also, remember that when there’s no money in one area there’s often lots of money in another one. Right now, the Middle East is cash rich and offering lots of jobs in all kinds of professions from childcare to construction, journalism and accountancy. Or try teaching English in any country you like.


recession-busting tip 3 – Get into green living

The green option is often the cheapest option as well. We’re constantly finding that old-fashioned ways of doing things (darning and mending things instead of throwing them out, using up leftovers, switching lights off and walking instead of using the car) are not only good for the environment but also good for your pocket.

Green Living - recession-bustingGet that nice smug feeling and help your bank balance by getting into green living.

In fact, we’ve got literally hundreds of tips on saving money day-to-day at home and outside by being green and being clever! Search around the site for all the latest ideas.


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