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3 simple ways to cut the costs of relocation

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Whether you are moving across the country because you have a new job, you are looking to be closer to family, or you simply fancy a change of scenery, the costs can quickly skyrocket. You need to consider removals options, new furniture or even a deposit on a property. When moving to a new area, you should be excited and busy making life changing plans, rather than worrying about financial considerations. Some people relocate regularly and become nomadic in their lifestyle. Others relocate only once and then choose to settle and put down roots in their quest for stability. Whatever style of move you are seeking, take a look at these three simple ways that you can cut the costs of relocating.


A Roof Over Your Head

Your first priority when moving to a new part of the country will be securing accommodation. You don’t want to leave this until the last minute and end up with a dive of an apartment in the least salubrious area known to humankind. You need to do your research and look into the sorts of towns and villages that you might like to put down roots. Think about whether you want to be in the thick of it in the city centre or if you’d prefer to move out into the suburbs for a more relaxed pace of life.

You might be eager to get on the housing ladder straight away. Many people see renting as dead money, lining the pockets of a faceless landlord while you don’t see any asset in return. While this is true, you don’t want to move to a new location, purchase a property in a rush and then lose money because you bought in the wrong area.

Rather than purchasing immediately, consider renting. Companies like Manchester Apartments provide short term rental options meaning that you don’t have to commit to a long contract. Paying your rent weekly means that you can keep a close eye on your outgoings and find something to suit your budget rather than having to commit to putting down a hefty deposit for a mortgage. When you have settled into the local area, you can then consider buying a humble abode.



The cost of removals can be astronomical. If you have more clutter, items, and furniture than you can shake a stick at, then you may have to succumb to getting the professionals in. Book as far in advance as you can and don’t be shy about trying to negotiate a good deal. Try and get your boxes, packing materials and even a packing service thrown in. If your paying a small fortune, then you should get your money’s worth.

If you don’t have a Luton van worth of stuff, you should consider a DIY style move. While it might take more effort to hire a long wheel based transit van, you may need to rope in a couple of pals to help, and you might have to spend every evening and weekend for a fortnight packing up your belongings in an infinite amount of bubble wrap, you could end up saving yourself hundreds of pounds. This could be money that you put towards your rental deposit or new furniture.

3 simple ways to cut the costs of relocation


Exploring Your New Area

It’s exhilarating moving to a new location. It’s only right that you should venture out and explore your new location. Swanky dinners out in the finest restaurants are doable once in a while, but you shouldn’t be making them a weekly occurrence. Head onto TripAdvisor and take note of their budget icons. There’s even an option to filter your results by ‘best value’ making it easier to head to a local eatery and sample some culinary delights on a budget.

Starting a new job somewhere new means meeting many new people. Make sure you retain some of your disposable income for socialising with your new acquaintances. Your new work colleagues may end up being lifelong friends, and you want to get to know them outside of the office. Head out for drinks on a Friday after work and make an effort to go to the Christmas party. While a little costly, these can be vital events to get yourself known, they can help you network, and you might even find out a little more about your new hometown from your workmates.

Venturing to pastures new can be daunting, scary and thrilling at the same time. To focus on the new chapter in your life without money worries, follow this guide and cut the costs of your relocation.


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