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Sep 03

4 Reasons You Need to Use Stock Research Tools

Reading Time: 4 mins

When investing or trading stocks, you mustn’t rely on manually searching and analyzing the market. Though you can do this, it may take you more time. Also, doing so may not be efficient, especially if you’re a beginner.

That’s why it’s best to work smart by utilizing stock research tools. These tools will help you in many aspects, such as the following:

1. Study Company Information

One of the basic things you need to do is learn more about the company before buying stocks. You need to analyze the company’s financial health, its interest rate, business production, asset management, revenue, and other factors that affect its value. This process is called fundamental analysis.

When you analyze a stocks’ fundamental factors, you’ll know the company’s price expectation and valuation. That way, you can decide whether the company is an investment that’ll give you earnings.

To help you get a clearer insight into how much you can gain from a company, you can use a stock research tool. One of the most popular fundamental analysis tools is the earnings per share (EPS) tools that can determine the company’s stocks’ maximum value. EPS means the allocated profit of each company’s share. If the EPS of the company’s higher, expect that the company’s profitability is better.

By knowing the company’s earnings, you’ll have the chance to maximize your profits.

2. Analyze Stock Chart

How to use stock research tools

Businessman accountant or financial expert analyze business report graph and finance chart at corporate office. Concept of finance economy, banking business and stock market research.

Aside from fundamental analysis, you must also know how to conduct technical analysis. By doing so, you can learn about securities and the market psychology’s supply and demand. Technical analysis involves knowing the clues about whether the stock’s price will continue through its trading volume. That way, you’ll generate buy and sell signals for a better trading decision when picking the best stocks.

When doing technical analysis, you need to chart and analyze the stock patterns and trends. Doing it manually may increase the risks of making charting mistakes. To lessen such, you may need to use technical analysis tools.

Using technical analysis tools automates the identification and interpretation of classic chart patterns. With such, you’ll know what stocks to consider as you’ll know the strengths and weaknesses of such stocks.

Other technical analysis tools allow you to create annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily price charts, graphs, figure charts, etc. That way, you can maximize real-time data coverage of the stocks you’re trading. Real-time data means you’re getting the current market price and other vital information of the stock.

Technical analysis tools even offer indicators you can use in your chart. Aside from that, it’ll give you an interpretation so you won’t have to do it manually. If you’re advanced in trading, you can even customize your indicators or lines for your graphs and charts. That way, you can easily get a good understanding of how your stocks are moving.

3. Discover Industry Group Trends

Another vital stock research tool is the industry group analysis tool, which enables you to identify which industry groups are trending. Knowing what groups of stocks are leading the stock market is important so that you’ll know which is in the bull market–price is getting higher.

Further, with industry groups analysis tools, you can cluster what industries lead the market and the ones that’ll probably appreciate in time. Not only is it beneficial to study individual stocks, but knowing the industry groups can help you invest in stocks that’ll be in the next bull market.

The tool will group the stocks according to their industry, make a report on their performance, then show it in charts or graphs. With this, you’ll know each industry’s movement that’ll help you make wise trading decisions.

4. Learn From Experienced Traders

For beginners in the stock market, getting insights from various trading experts can help educate you. That’s why using a trading stocks newsletter is one of the most recommended stock research tools one should have.

If you choose a great stocks newsletter, you’ll have the following benefits:

• If you’re not a full-time stock trader, you might miss the latest trend in the market. Because the stock market can change fast, you need to keep track of the latest trends to maximize your profits. With the stocks newsletter, it can help you identify how the new trends may change. Some may even send you message alerts if the market’s changing fast.

• You can even get money and trading management strategies from top investors as stock newsletters can access these people. Stocks newsletter writers know which questions to ask the experts, and you’ll get it with no sweat at all.

• Most importantly, stocks newsletter may guide your trading decisions. You can check whether your decision is aligned with their recommendations so that you’ll avoid committing trading mistakes.


Those are the reasons why stock research tools are useful nowadays. These tools will help you get the right company’s fundamentals so you can invest in possibly high-earning stocks.

You can also use technical analysis tools to study and interpret the stock charts to have better buy and sell decisions. Not only that, you can also identify industry group trends that enable you to identify possible stock industries that’ll appreciate in time.

Moreover, stock research tools can help you stay and be informed of what’s happening in the stock market. That way, you can make decisions before it’s late.


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23 days ago

Interesting article. Something I’d like to get in to at some point.

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