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Jul 26

4 tips for successful trading online

Reading Time: 3 mins

Forex trading is the business of exchanging currencies online on the foreign exchange market in order to make a profit. The forex market is the largest trading market in the world, and it is estimated to have a daily turnover worldwide of more than US$5 trillion. 

One of the main attractions of online forex trading is that it is accessible and open to everyone. From banks to hedge funds to individual traders, forex can be a profitable market for anyone, providing that they know the ropes. 

Here are four key pieces of advice for online trading, suitable for both total beginners and those in need of advice to improve their trading results. 


Educate Yourself

Trading can be a confusing prospect to start with. The first step to becoming a successful online trader is to educate yourself in the business of buying and selling currencies. Researching the details of how trading works, and reading up on other people’s experiences, are both great places to start. You can also:

  • Learn all of the associated terminology and acronyms
  • Investigate the most popular currency trading pairs
  • Check out different forex tools, such as calculators and currency converters

Rather than diving straight in, time will be well spent reading and learning about online trading.


Find a Good Broker

A broker will provide you with access to a platform on which you can trade currencies. Finding a reputable broker is key to actually making money as an online trader, so make sure you do your research on different brokers and the services that they offer.

Some brokers offer a demo account for you to get used to the system. They also often offer advice services, which can be helpful for first-time traders.

Brokers will all have different fees and rates of commission, so it worth checking these before committing. You should also consider the trading software that they use – is it suitable and accessible for you? Try to match your trading goals to what the broker offers. If they seem to be targeted toward large businesses and you are a first-time individual trader, they might not be the right broker for you.

The most important thing is to be certain that your broker is legitimate. Check how long they have been operating, their track record, and that they follow regulatory rules.


Start Slowly and Be Patient

Start your Forex trading at a slow pace and don’t be tempted to invest all of your funds immediately. It is an unfortunate truth that inexperienced traders can often be tempted to ‘go big’ at the start and can rapidly lose all of their funds.

You’ll be more successful in the long run if you take the time to learn your trade before putting in large amounts of cash. This will also give you time to generate more profit. Once you’ve gained the experience, you’ll be better set to trade in larger sums.

It is also important to wait for the right opportunity to trade, meaning that patience is a vital factor in the success of your online trading venture.


Manage Risk and Emotion

Risk management is, put simply, a set of ideas for protecting traders and their investments. You should carefully research this before commencing trading. You should:

  • Start with small sums
  • Have a strategy and stick to it
  • Know when to cut your losses

Aim to approach trading with a calm and objective attitude and do not let emotions dictate your decisions.

The most important thing to remember is that you will learn from experience. As long as you approach trading from an informed starting point you will, in time, become a better trader. 


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