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Mar 22

5 Painless Ways to Transition From Postgrad to Professional

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For our US readers

Graduating from college and entering the job market is stressful in any given year, but circumstances surrounding the pandemic can make this daunting task feel impossible. New grads have many challenges to face in 2021, from the economy and historic American joblessness to pandemic-related difficulties with family and personal life.

But despite the sometimes bleak outlook, there are many rays of sunshine peeking through this cloudy sky.

Even if you’re not sure what the future holds, here are some painless tips to transition from the dorm room to the board room.


1. Keep An Open Mind

This is a big one, especially when you are facing a postgrad world that doesn’t look the same as when you entered college and chose your major. In the wake of so many changes in the world, many are pivoting in a way they may not have imagined for themselves four years ago, and that’s okay. Whether you choose to focus your energy on grad school, a social issue you’re passionate about, or an internship that’ll gain you marketable experience, any step forward is a win.

The key here is to cut yourself a little bit of slack in keeping an open mind because finding a job straight out of college is never easy. Employers are looking to hire candidates with years of experience, and as a college graduate, you may not have the experience they’re looking for, but that’s no reason to give up either. Just keep an open mind, keep applying, and you will eventually get some job experience that will lead you to the career of your dreams.


2. Don’t Take Anything Personally

If we have learned anything as a collective this past year, it is that everyone is fighting their own battles and we must be kind. This means, don’t take anything too personally. Leave space for delays in texts or emails, be generous to others, and remember if someone is acting in an unexpected way, it may be because we’ve all just had a really hard year.


3. Take Care of Yourself First

You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you take the time to nourish your body and mind and always give yourself grace, you will be there when you need to show up fully for others in your personal and professional life. Also, don’t forget to take time each day to get enough sleep, breathe, and unplug!


4. Upgrade Your Online Presence

If you’re someone who is not active on social media, now may be the time to change that! More and more aspects of our lives are moving online, and that includes the job application process. As we spend more time inside, so do our potential employers, and having an online presence is more important than ever before.

You will quickly learn that not all search engines are created equal, and engaging in an online job search might be easier if you use a site geared toward specific positions such as PracticeMatch. Upgrading your online presence both on social media and in the job market can help you stand out.


5. Don’t Lose Your Individuality

You will never regret investing in yourself, having a point of view, and valuing what makes you unique. If you don’t know what you want out of your professional life yet, start by asking yourself what kind of person you want to be. Staying true to your individuality will make you stand out, and help you advance in your personal and professional life.


Sometimes, the best ways to improve your life, relationships, and the professional world are free. These are some painless, free ways to reframe and refocus how you enter the world and workforce in 2021. While you can’t control the circumstances life throws at you, you can always control how you respond and how you improve from life’s challenges.


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