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5 Steps to Get Started on the Markets Before Spending Money

Moneymagpie Team 19th Jul 2022 No Comments

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Trading isn’t much like the movies portray it. However, you can easily get started on the markets anytime you want. Here are some simple steps to take before parting with money.

Register as a Trading Entity

The nature of the stock markets means there is the potential for financial irregularity and flat-out fraud. Therefore, any company that trades in stocks must register with the relevant authorities. The first step is getting an LEI number from a company like LEI Register. Using a reputable company like this ensures you actually get an LEI number. Still, you also have the peace of mind knowing all the legal paperwork is being done by a professional for you. Once you have an LEI number, your business can trade Forex, stocks, bonds, futures and other equities.

Analyse the Stock Like a Pro

Never buy stock on a whim. This is reckless, and you are almost guaranteed to lose. No professional trader does this. In fact, any reputable trader has a team of highly skilled professionals who scrutinise everything about a listed company before investing. Not only do you need to look at past performance in the markets. But you also need to study their business practices, past news articles, the teams they hire, partners they work with and even public perception. Any of these can affect the stock prices, so do your due diligence.

Try a Simulator Before You Get Started on the Markets

Hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of stocks are traded each year. And you can make money or lose it. However, learning how the complex trading system works takes time and experience. In addition, the software you use can be confusing. There are many stock trading platforms available such as TD Ameritrade and E*Trade. All are a little different, have different rates and offer unique features. You can use simple trading apps like eToro or Webull. But it’s best to learn using a simulator like Pilot Trading or TradeStation for trades without using real capital.

Choose a Diverse Portfolio

You’ve probably heard not to put all of your eggs in one basket. And this rings true for stock trading. Diversifying your portfolio is one of the critical factors of trading. It’s a complex system for offsetting losses. However, in basic terms, you want to choose a range of stocks with “negative correlations”. This means selecting stocks that move up or down in relation to each other. And it’s a vital component of trading. When you diversify, you essentially minimize the losses from one trade while maximizing from others. By doing this, you never really lose money.

Be Prepared to Lose

No honest trader makes money all the time. If a trader never loses, they are probably doing something criminal, like Running a Ponzi scheme like Bernie Madoff. Additionally, you should be aware of companies with continually rising stock. A rising trend always comes to an end and falls significantly. Or the business is falsely reporting profits, like Enron. So, as an honest trader, you will lose money at some point. However, if you learn how to diversify and cushion your trades, you can keep a baseline of trading profits that provides a steady stream of revenue.


It’s easier than ever to get started on the markets. But you should prepare yourself beforehand by registering for an LEI number, using stock market simulators and preparing to lose money.

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence. 

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