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Apr 27

5 Tips to Manage Telecommuters during Coronavirus Pandemic

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Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, suddenly, all the businesses have been forced to work in a different way. Most of the business has started to function remotely, and the managers are finding new ways to manage the workforce. But where this situation poses a lot of challenges, it opens room for opportunities as well. These trends were already happening in the industry, and now it is the time to adapt to them. From opting for free conference call services that will keep the employees connected all the time to choosing the right tools to enhance productivity, there are a lot of things you can do to manage telecommuters smoothly. In this article, I have mentioned a few useful tips that can make the lives of managers easy and will help them manage telecommuters efficiently during these tough times. Let’s have a look:


Focus on Numbers

Luckily we live in a world where technology has made it easier for us to quantify everything. Companies already have deadlines to meet, which makes it easier for you to measure performance. If a certain employee is not delivering the projects on time, then it means they are not working as hard as they are supposed to. It is important for you to make this clear to all your employees. Deadlines and deliverables should be on time at all costs. As a manager, you must constantly monitor all the KPIs


Avoid Micromanaging

If you are used to micromanaging, then you will have to let go of it as long as your team is working remotely. It is important for you to trust the team and avoid micromanaging. Not only is it very hard to micromanage over the internet or phone, but it can make things complex as well. You cannot keep track of everyone at all times, and if you try to do that, you will only make things harder for yourself. Instead of that, you should focus on the important metrics and what matters the most for your business. Keep tabs on your employees and make sure you are providing them with everything they need to achieve the main goal.


Keep People Connected

In such a situation, it would not be easy for you to keep the teams connected, especially if your organization has a lot of employees. Firstly you need to make sure that you are providing all the teams a platform where they can conference call each other without any lags. When you have a big organization, it is important that you choose the best free conference call service in town so you can host as many people as you want seamlessly. Apart from that, you must make sure that all your employees are connected through a channel like slack as well, where they can send instant messages and can share files as well.


Be Flexible

When you are experimenting with telecommuting for the first time, you will naturally want to make the rules stricter so that everyone does as much work as they used to back at the office. But that is not the key! If you want your employees to be productive, you should consider allowing them to be flexible with their hours. It is understandable that things can get messy if everyone starts making their hours, but you should offer them flexible options of your own that work best for both the company and the employee. Your team can start following the workflow instead of a schedule, which will be much more efficient.


Develop Trust

Another thing you need to do is develop trust for your people. If you are not able to trust your people, you will not be able to manage them efficiently, and you will always be stressing over something. I am not saying that you should turn the blind eye, but you should start from a position where the employees will know that you have faith in them. All of us are going through a tough time already, and with the lockdowns and the tension surrounding everyone, a lot of your employees will be dealing with a number of personal problems. If you put your trust in them, they will not have an extra thing to worry about, and they will perform their job honestly and will always deliver on time.


Equip Yourself With All the Right Tools

There are thousands of online tools available out there that help companies manage telecommuters. If you want things to work out, then you will have to equip yourself with these tools. However, as there are a lot of tools out there, you should focus on quantity instead of quality. Analyze your business and scout for tools, determine what you need and what would just be a waste of time. Some tools are necessary for all types of businesses. You must have tools that help you assign tasks to the employees and tools that will help you keep track of everything in real-time.


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