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5 Tips to Sell Your Home Easily and Stress-Free

Moneymagpie Team 15th Sep 2022 No Comments

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Just because the process of selling a home is often tedious and stressful doesn’t mean it should be. You can sell your home quickly and easily if you know what to do and follow the right procedure. Use the five tips below to break away from the tedious, stressful home selling process.


1.   Understand the Home Selling Process

If you’re a first-timer in selling a property, this step will help you avoid mistakes. Research everything involved in selling a home. Some of the information you’ll need to gather includes:

  • Costs involved, including realtor commission, fees, government levy, repairs (if necessary), insurance, and more
  • Possible customer (audience) of the property
  • Professionals such as realtors, valuers, lawyers, and professionals engage in selling the property
  • The home’s value and sales price
  • Listing and sales agreements
  • Best property selling time in the location. For instance, beach properties have high values in the summer
  • Settlement process
  • Method or option of sale, such as a cash sale, auction, private sale, or listing

Knowing this information prior will help you reach the right people, follow the right channels, and sell your property at the best value.

2.   Work With the Right Real Estate Agent

Once you have the right information, the next thing is to find the right realtor for your property. A reliable real estate agent with the right contacts, experience and information can help you sell the property fast. You’ll pay realtor fees and commission, but the fee will be worth it because the agent takes up the whole process on your behalf. They know the process and have the right sales skills to get you a buyer.

3.   Use a Cash Buyer

If you don’t want to use a real estate agent, you can look for a cash buyer. A cash buyer is a real estate company that buys your property as it is and pays you in cash, retaining their fee and a small percentage as well as the stress of selling. Your transaction ends with them immediately. You won’t struggle with repairs, cleaning, or other activities preparing the house for sale. This is the easiest way to sell a house/home if you don’t want to follow the process.

4.   Style the Home for Sale

Whether you want to sell the property through an agent or a cash buyer, you need to lift its face to make it more attractive and increase its value. Your property may not be old, but a little facelifting can go along the way in adding a few coins to the price and helping you sell it fast. If you can contract a stylist or a home stager to help you lift the face, you’ll use a little cash and get more at the end.

5.   Prepare for Property Inspection

Finally, after knowing everything, including how you’ll sell the house, prepare it for inspection. This means tidying the house, decluttering it, and keeping everything in space. You do this because some people may come for a viewing, and you don’t want them to find everything all over the place. Ensure everything checks well for a potential buyer to make a prompt decision.


These tips can make your home selling process simpler than you think. Besides finding the right information, choosing the right agent, opting for a cash buyer, styling the home, and preparing it for sale, you also need to be flexible. You may want to sell the home fast, but waiting can give you better rewards. Remember, an immediate house sale is also rare, so it’s best to stay flexible and allow the process to take shape.


DisclaimerMoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence 

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