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Oct 26

5 Valuable Tips When Sending Delicate Items Through Mail

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In the present times, our needs to send delicate and fragile items by mail have increased than before. Every person possesses several types of electronics that need to be mailed every once in a while for cleaning, repairs, or adjustments. Some people also have delicate possessions that they may need to send to their near and dear ones.

You may also need to mail something fragile that you just sold on eBay. Mailing our prized possessions can be stressful because these articles can get damaged easily. Even though companies like the USPS, FedEx, UPS, and others handle delicate goods professionally, they cannot guarantee that nothing will happen to your deliberate possessions. That is why in this article, we are going to discuss seven tips for sending delicate belongings through the mail.


Use Packaging of the Right Size

Select the packaging of the right size to mail the delicate items. You must remember to wrap the fragile objects in some form of packing material to provide a cushion for the object. Therefore the packing cover must be large enough to accommodate your possession wrapped up in the material that you are using to safeguard your delicates.

But it must not be so large that the object will have free space to move around. For small delicate products, you can buy bubble mailers for office use. These mailers used in offices are perfect envelopes with bubble wrapping pasted inside them to protect your valuable and fragile possessions. If you need to mail something larger, you can use a reinforced cardboard box that is sold by most of the postal services.

These boxes have layers of corrugated cardboard sheets that provide additional cushion to the fragile objects inside them. Depending on the value of your product, you can choose between single or multiple layered boxes.


Use Pliable Material to Wrap the Products

Pliable packing materials serve two purposes of keeping your delicates safe during transit. It helps by providing cushion to the object and prevents it from moving around in the box. You can choose the packing material depending on the product that you intend to mail. Most people choose bubble wrap because of their convenience and lack of mess in packaging.

You can also use other kinds of packing materials to make sure that your object sits snugly in the box or envelope. There are several options available for providing cushion to your fragile possession once it gets covered in bubble wrap. You can choose between styrofoam peanuts, crumpled newspaper, wood shavings, clean rags, and several others. If you are sending multiple objects, make sure that you wrap them individually in bubble wrap before you pack them.


Pack It Properly

Covering your delicate object in bubble wrap and placing it in a box with fillers may not solve your problems completely. You have to make sure that you properly pack everything to maximize the protection. The best way to achieve it is to put some fillers in the box or the mailer before placing the object covered with bubble wrap.

Once you have placed the product, you can pour in more fillers to cover the object from all sides, and the top cover should feel a little tight to close. But make sure that the box or the mailer is not bulging out from any side. When you have finished packing, ensure that the object is not moving at all inside by shaking it a little, before you seal the package. If you feel that the product is moving slightly, or it gets adjusted while you shake it, add some more fillers to cover up the void space.


Label It Properly

Make sure that you put adequate labels on the package to declare the fragile contents. You can use the broken glass symbol, or you can paste a print out saying “Fragile” and “handle with care.” Make sure you print them on red so that they attract attention. The shipping company you choose can also provide you with the necessary labels.


Choose the Best Possible Shipping Company

Everyone has their favorite mailing companies, so choose one that you are most comfortable using. Every shipping company has its own set of pros and cons. Most people who ship delicate things regularly feel that FedEx has a slight advantage over other companies. You may also get charged extra for home pickups.

Some carriers deliver themselves to remote locations, so it is better to choose them if you are sending something delicate to a person who lives in a secluded place. People who mail things internationally recommend FedEx and DHL over others. You should get insurance for the full value of your valuables and include tracking while mailing them. Signature confirmations are also a wise choice when you mail delicate valuables.



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