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Jan 22

5 Ways To Protect Your Health And Your Pocket

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It has been an undeniably challenging past year as the world entered unprecedented times following the Covid19 viral outbreak.

As a direct impact of the global coronavirus pandemic, prioritising health has become a top priority for almost everyone. However, while leading an active and healthy lifestyle is often a good way to help keep health conditions at bay, there are several other ways to protect your health and financial situation.

It’s no secret that medical bills can genuinely break the bank for most of us, so we have rounded up five of the most practical ways to protect your health and your pocket in 2021.


Purchase Medical Cover

Whether you are an ex-pat living abroad in the United States or a national concerned about high medical costs, health insurance is undeniably important for everyone. When it comes to finding an International Health Plan as an ex-pat, you can opt for global medical cover which protects internationals living abroad. Medical cover is an important way to protect your health and keep astronomical medical bills, which can cause crippling stress, at bay.

Around the world, health insurance allows patients access to better medical care and helps protect their finances if they fall ill or become injured. Paying a relevant monthly fee for medical cover will also give you a sense of security in knowing your health is cared for.


Plan For The Unpredictable

There is no way of predicting whether you may develop a crippling health condition or experience accidental injury, which is why disability insurance is important. Because disability insurance can protect your income in the unfortunate event that you become injured, ill and unable to work, the small monthly fee is often worth it.

There are various types of disability insurance, so it’s best to compare deals by insurers and read the terms and conditions thoroughly. It’s usually best to opt for long-term disability insurance as the policy provides lengthier cover, although you should evaluate your options before deciding (and get proper financial help from an expert, if needed.)


Eat A Balanced Organic Diet

The food you eat will have a massive impact on your overall health. It’s no secret that fatty fast foods, overly processed convenience meals, sugary drinks, and exceptionally unhealthy snack choices are leading causes of health conditions such as diabetes and several types of cancer. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of consuming unhealthy foods (we’re all human, after all!)

The decision to cut out unhealthy food choices from your diet will optimise your health by significantly decreasing your chance of developing serious health conditions. In addition to this, eating a balanced organic diet will also improve your mood, brain functions, digestive system, and every other aspect of your overall health. Simply being more conscious of the foods you eat is an extremely inexpensive way to look after your health.


Reduce Stress With Natural Remedies

Stress is often a key player in developing various health issues as chronic stress weakens the immune system over time. While you may not be able to remove the causes of stress, especially when considering the chaos of everyday life, you can try to reduce how stressed you feel. You can effectively reduce and ease stress symptoms with natural remedies, even if you are experiencing chronic stress (consult your healthcare practitioner before trying out any appealing natural remedies.)

Even though side effects and risks are usually minimal when using natural remedies for stress, allergic reactions can happen, so be careful. It’s also crucial to be sure you’re using natural remedies correctly, as many natural solutions may not yet have dosage recommendations. Your healthcare practitioner will be able to advise the safe use of natural remedies best.


Enhance Sleep Quality With Routine Exercise

Exercise can improve sleep quality dramatically, according to science (yes, we know exercise can be a chore…don’t shoot the messenger!)

However, the type of exercise routine and the time of the day you work out are vital factors. When exercising to boost sleep quality, it’s often best to leave strenuous cardio and muscle building training to the morning and early afternoons. This is because these types of workouts will boost adrenaline levels, effectively keeping you from sleep. However, calmer exercises such as yoga can enhance sleep quality by promoting relaxation. While devoting at least half an hour each night towards yoga or similar activities is a great start, it’s also good to polish your sleep hygiene by improving sleep routine habits.


Caring for your health does not have to cost you a fortune. Protecting your health will lower your chances of the turmoil and high medical costs of developing various health conditions – your health really should be your top priority. Leading a healthy lifestyle, opting for insurance policies, medical cover, and eating organic foods will give you a little peace of mind. Given what’s going on right now, there has never been a more critical time to protect your health and pocket.



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