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Jun 02

6 Handy Ideas To Reduce Your Vehicle Expenses

Reading Time: 2 mins

Owning a car can be a real drain on your finances, from the fuel to the insurance and the upkeep. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to make savings with a few simple changes. To learn more, check out these six tips.


1 . Money saving apps

To reduce your car expenses, consider using a few money-saving apps. GasBuddy helps you to locate the nearest Gas Stations and allows you to compare prices. By finding the cheapest gas deals around, you’ll save a bit of money on your car expenses. The app also records your fuel consumption and gives you tips about how to reduce it. Parkopedia is another great app for your car. You can use it to search for parking spots and find the best deals.


2. Compare insurance 

Compare a few different car insurance options, before you commit. You may be able to get a car insurance discount and save yourself even more. A few of the discounts available include no accident discounts or defensive driving discounts. You might also be able to get a low-mileage discount. When you shop around a little, you’ll be surprised at the cost savings you can make.


3. Buy second hand

When you buy a second-hand car, you can save yourself plenty of money. Before you commit, ensure that you find a reputable dealer, and give the car a test drive. It’s a good idea to research the car you want, and the average market price. Info like this can help you to ensure that you get a good deal.


4. Financing options

Some dealers offer excellent financing options, to help you save money and get the car that you desire. Certain companies will even offer bad credit car finance, (so you don’t need to worry about your credit rating)! For more information, you could check out Choose My Car. They have a range of models available, all of which are affordably priced.


5. Reduce your driving time

Sounds simple, but one of the easiest ways to save on your car expenses is to reduce your driving time. Instead of driving everywhere, consider sometimes walking or riding a bike. Even slightly adjusting your habits can make a big difference to your finances.


6. Remember regular maintenance 

Keeping up with your maintenance checks can help you to avoid costly fixes later on. Book your car in for regular services, to ensure that everything is working correctly. Maintaining your car also helps to reduce depreciation, helping your vehicle to retain its value. To help you keep up with your vehicle maintenance, try the Car Minder app. Here you can log the history of your maintenance checks, to stay on top of things.

With the help of these six ideas, you’ll save a little extra money each month. Whether you’re saving for a vacation, or you just want to improve your budgeting, there are plenty of options. When it comes to boosting your savings, every little helps.


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