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Jan 15

6 killer questions to help you choose a career path

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Whether you’re a teen looking to take your first step into the world of business, or you’re just seeking a change, finding the right career path is vital. Aside from helping you reach the intended destination far sooner, it’ll bring short-term reassurances too. 

No two people will follow the exact same path, but these six simple questions will help you discover yours. 


1| What Am I Passionate About? 

Most people find that they will work for a minimum of 40 hours per week for at least 50 years. It’s far too long to be stuck in a career that you hate. Besides, your passion will increase productivity. 

If you are serious about changing society for the better and leaving a mark on the world, a career in political science could be ideal. Meanwhile, if you want to teach kids, make movies, or care for the elderly, look at the possibilities. There will be tough moments regardless of the industry, but a job you usually love is priceless. 

Some people find that their passion revolves solely around making money. If that’s the case, embrace it. 


2| Is There Money To Be Made From My Skills? 

While it’s great to work on something you love, no level of passion will compensate for poor pay. Therefore, before embarking on any career journey, it’s vital to analyze the earning potential. 

In truth, there is money to be made from most skills and niches. When considering if you can make money from healthy living or another passion, you must think about your character and working style too. Otherwise, you run the risk of starting a process that’s destined to hit a brick wall. 

The money doesn’t necessarily need to come right away, but you do need to confirm it’s possible to earn big. 


3| Where Do I Want To Work? 

Finding the perfect career isn’t solely about the work itself. It’s equally important to consider the impact it can have on your personal life. The two ideas need to support each other, and location is key. 

There has been a growing interest in the nomadic lifestyle thanks to remote working. However, even if you are likely to settle in one location, it’s vital that you choose the right place. This should consider your work life, family life, living costs, health, and other contributing factors. 

Some cities are better suited to some careers than others. While geography needn’t rule your decision, you should appreciate its significance. 

6 killer questions to help you choose a career path


4| Am I Prepared To Put The Work In? 

We all have different priorities in life, and find our drive from different sources. The fact you are thinking about your career suggests that you want to work hard, but you must be honest with yourself. 

Some career paths will require huge levels of dedication and years of hard work to achieve your goals. Others can provide a far quicker route to a strong position, although the ceiling may be a little lower. Sitting down to consider your goals, personality, and circumstances should be considered essential. 

There’s nothing worse than finding out a few years down the line that you weren’t’ cut out for the job after all. Put in the preparation now, and you can avoid this situation. 


5| Should I Go It Alone? 

In addition to analyzing the various industries and job roles that you might enjoy, you may wish to consider going it alone. Starting a business isn’t for everyone, but entrepreneurial spirits will see stunning outcomes. 

The modern business landscape allows you to launch a company on a small budget. Likewise, using remote workers and other cost-cutting techniques can reduce a lot of pressure. Running a business does bring added responsibilities, but also puts you in control. If your personality is built for this way of work, you should embrace it. 

If you still require some stability, it can be juggled alongside a part-time job until you get it right. 


6| Is It Long-Term? 

Right now, it’s easy to think about the job you want for the next few years. However, it’s important to keep one eye on the future. Or else, you could be back to square one in the future. 

Some industries and career paths are naturally more stable than ever. This is something you may wish to take into account. When taking on something that requires physical fitness or a certain energy, you need to consider whether you’ll be able to adapt in later life. Even if it’s in a different role. 

You may still decide to change in the future, but a career that could potentially serve you for life is always better. 



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