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Aug 01

6 Tips on How to Make Money with Real Estate!

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Have you ever stopped to think about how to make money with real estate?  Most people think that the only way to profit from the real estate market is to buy and sell properties. However, as we will see throughout this text prepared by Sky Marketing, there are other promising alternatives in this area. 

It is very important to know these options to define which is the most suitable for your investor profile, the moment of the economy and your financial goals. If you are interested in making a real profit with real estate such as Park View City , check out our tips! 

1. Sale of Real Estate

It is true that it is possible to make a lot of money by buying real estate and selling it. For this, however, it is necessary to search for cheap properties with a good potential for appreciation. Several criteria need to be observed, including: 

  • localization; 
  • safety; 
  • property size; 
  • finish, technology and other infrastructure factors 

In order not to take risks and end up losing money, it is interesting to count on quality professional support. Anyone who works in the real estate market can relate all the items we mentioned to economic, political and sectoral issues — which certainly influence the success of the business. 

2. Long-Term Rental

Real estate leasing is another interesting alternative that can be considered by those who want to make money in real estate. In this case, the income is recurring and stable, which can be an important resource in the family’s monthly budget. 

However, as with any investment planning, it is important to reflect on several issues before making any decision. The first step is to analyze the property, its location and internal characteristics, the same process that is carried out when buying houses or apartments. 

Here are a few things you need to check to see if the long-term rental is worth it for you: 

  • estimate the value of the rent; 
  • calculate all fixed and variable expenses (including Income Tax); 
  • compare the financial return with that of other types of investments; 
  • analyze if there are chances of the property being unoccupied for a long time 

3. Real Estate Auction

In a real estate auction, a property is put up for sale at a lower than market value and interested parties bid for it. Whoever offers the largest amount of money by the end of the process is the new owner of the property. 

This can be an interesting opportunity to acquire a good for a lower value and in a safe way – since the amounts are paid in court, and the entire process of vacating the property is monitored in court. Despite this, it is necessary to assess whether the investment will bring a good return, that is, whether the property has the potential for appreciation, as well as the suitability of the auction administrator. 

In addition, as with any real estate transaction, you need to analyze the property’s appreciation potential (its region and internal characteristics) to make sure that it is a good alternative for the purpose you want, whether it’s sale or rent. 

4. Seasonal Rental

Pakistan is a very strong country in the tourism sector, and vacation rentals can be a good opportunity to earn money from it. Or if you see a listing on a real estate website like www.zoomproperty.com/en/buy/dubai/apartments-for-sale, feel free to get inspired. It’s a good sign there’s money to be made in the most popular tourist areas. Investing in real estate on the coast is an excellent way to profit from rent, but you need to be careful. In addition to the location, here are some points: 

  • prioritize properties with interesting attractions for tourists (pool, sauna, barbecue); 
  • basic furniture (stove, refrigerator, beds, sofa) and layette must be included in the investment calculation; 
  • reflect on the rental profile before buying the property (will the rent be for short or longer periods and what characteristics does the place need to have to house tenants during that time?) 

5. Real Estate Fund

It is not always necessary to buy a property to start making money in the real estate market. Real Estate Investment Funds are investments that bring together a group of investors to get enough resources to invest in the market and make a profit. 

This can happen with the leasing or sale of large real estate projects, such as commercial buildings, shopping malls, and hospitals. In this case, each investor owns a part of the venture and receives the amount of profit compatible with the money he invested. The great advantage of this type of investment is the possibility to start investing in real estate with little money without having to deal with the bureaucracy of buying a real estate product. 

In addition, the risks are also lower — since the investment is diversified, that is, it bets on several sets of properties and market niches. To be successful, however, you need to study the fund’s history and analyze whether it is compatible with your goals. 

6. Invest in off-plan Real Estate

The great advantage of buying off-plan properties, that is, new properties that are still being built, is the lower price and the possibility of negotiating better payment terms. In this way, the investor can resell when the work is close to being completed or even when the property is ready for a higher value and have a great income. 

Carefully analyze the project plan, models, images, videos and all materials made available by the company about the property. It will not be possible to carry out visits to the property, but that should not prevent you from checking all the details before signing the contract. 

Unfortunately, there are many cases of delays and other irregularities involving real estate on the plant. Because of this, it is essential to research the construction company to make sure that it usually respects the delivery date and provides good customer service. 

We hope our list will help you understand how to make money in real estate. It is worth noting that all investments listed in this material present risks. To reduce the chances of having damage, it is important to analyze all the characteristics of the product before making the application. In addition, it is essential to count on specialized help, like Beverly hills property management, to have a professional and in-depth analysis to choose the best way to invest in the real estate market. 

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence. 


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