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After Separation: Saving Tips for Your Kid’s Essential Funds

Moneymagpie Team 12th Jan 2023 No Comments

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Separation is difficult for married or unmarried couples. It’s even more challenging with children involved because you must constantly reassure them that their parents won’t abandon them even after separation. That means you and your former spouse must stay connected to become excellent co-parents for your children. It also means partnering for various things, like handling expenses, to provide a more comfortable and secure future moving forward. 

Keep reading below for some helpful tips on handling finances with your co-parent. These tips can help you when building funds for various childcare expenses. 

Commonly Shared Expenses for Co-Parents 

Family law in countries like Canada generally requires separated parents to share responsibility for their children, married or not. For instance, the father’s rights in Ontario (or anywhere else in the country) state that both parents are considered joint guardians and have equal natural rights to custody, which also applies to illegitimate children. That means parents must continue co-existing to care for their children, especially when planning their expenses. 

There are various expenses that you and your co-parent must consider when planning. Of course, you must provide basic amenities like shelter, food, and clothing. However, you must also plan for your children’s educational needs. These include tuition fees, school supplies, and allowances. 

Moreover, you and your co-parent should also prepare for medical expenses or invest in health insurance for your children. That way, you can pay for unexpected medical conditions or accidents requiring hospital treatment. 

You must also save for your children’s recreational activities and vacations. These include summer camps, school clubs, and supplies for different projects. Supporting their hobbies and extracurricular events is vital to help them express themselves more or de-stress in an environment with separated parents.

Saving Tips for Separated Parents 

The following are a few helpful tips when saving money for your children as a co-parent. 

Settle Differences and Work Together

Becoming co-parents is challenging since you must set all issues aside to provide maximum care for your children. That means you must be willing to work together while planning activities and budgeting expenses for your children’s future. 

While a divorce attorney can help assign expenses for you and your former spouse, becoming excellent co-parents is key to fulfilling any arrangement and providing complete financial support. 

It’s best to maintain open communication to ensure that you and your co-parent pay the bills on time, from tuition fees to other needs. It also helps to encourage respect while partnering as co-parents to ensure a smoother transition for your children. 

Establish Boundaries

As mentioned, respect is vital for you and your former spouse to become successful co-parents. That also applies when discussing expenses for your children. 

When discussing childcare expenses, it’s best to keep certain things private. Don’t talk about personal finances, like income or savings, and keep everything about your children. 

The key is to establish boundaries in your first discussion about expenses. Determine what subjects are vital when talking about finances as co-parents. For instance, you can talk about your children’s tuition fees but never about sources of income. 

Furthermore, it’s also essential to set expectations with one another early. Discuss what you and your former spouse should expect financially to avoid any confusion about specific bills later. For example, it’s best to tell your former spouse that your financial support is limited to your children and nothing else. It means you won’t allow any financial requests that don’t concern your children. Of course, you should also honour your former partner’s request as long as they don’t overstep your boundaries and are suitable for the kids. 

Talk to Finance Professionals

Dealing with separation and thinking about your children’s expenses can be overwhelming. If you and your former spouse find it challenging, it’s best to seek the help of professionals. Set up appointments with a financial advisor to plan for your children’s future expenses. 

The best thing about having a financial advisor is that they can tell you how much you need to earn or save to provide excellent living conditions for your children. They can even help you plan your children’s college funds up to your retirement. 

Secure Your Children’s Future

Managing expenses with a co-parent can be challenging. However, if done right, you and your former spouse can secure your children’s financial future. 

If you settle your differences and plan everything right, your children will feel safer and more comfortable moving forward in a new life.

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.

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