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Dec 19

Are you packaging your small business budget safely?

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The eCommerce industry now boasts of around 24 million stores, fronted by forever successful examples like Amazon. If you’re thinking of starting a business with limited overheads and broad reach, then you could do a lot worse than turning your attention here. There’s just one problem; eCommerce companies have to consider packaging that physical stores don’t. 

While cheap bulk buying of bags might suffice for physical customers, the long-distances expected of eCommerce products mean high-quality, sometimes expensive packaging is a necessity.

If you don’t think about this, packaging itself could become an overhead too many for you to get started. Luckily, many eCommerce staters in your position are finding ways to cut costs here. And, we’re going to talk you through some of the most popular options.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re only ever ordering the right package sizes. Postal template rulers are cheap and easy to buy, and can help you to get a grip on exact prices. Learning from your mistakes can also help here, so make sure to take note of where you’ve gone wrong, and what you need to tweak to avoid the same happening again.


Recycle where you can

In this eco-conscious age, recycled packaging can help you appeal to a millennial audience. From an expenses perspective, reusing also means saving on further packaging costs.

Something as simple as collecting any packages you receive and remarketing can work here. As your business and need for packaging grows, you might also want to consider taking things up a gear by incorporating plastic and polystyrene recycling that saves you from ever needing to purchase packaging again. Even if these mean some upfront expenses, you can bet that the money you save will more than pay for your efforts down the line.


Buy in bulk

We’ve left this point until last because buying packaging in bulk is no way to start. For one, your home-based business would soon be overwhelmed. For another, there’s no guaranteeing you’ll receive enough orders to justify this expense, or even that you’re ordering the right thing (sizes, remember!).

Still, bulk buying packaging as soon as you’re on top with a steady stream of orders is a fantastic way to save costs. Suppliers will always do deals for large orders, and reordering especially could see you saving as much as 20% or more every time.


A final word

There’s no denying that eCommerce is a fantastic place to start the business of your dreams, but packaging costs and savings need to factor into your plan. Only then can you ensure that your company is all wrapped up safe for its initial journey into the big bad business world. 



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