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Authentic designer perfume samples at affordable prices

Moneymagpie Team 4th May 2023 No Comments

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This is a sponsored post by Perfume Samples

Perfume Samples is a brand new online retailer based in Manchester, UK, that offers 100% authentic perfumes samples from some of the biggest perfume designers in the world. Rebottled from the original content, the Perfume Samples website allows customers to sample designer perfumes from as little as £1.99 by purchasing sample bottles of up to 5 ml.

The philosophy behind Perfume Samples focuses on consumer transparency and waste reduction. By trying designer perfumes first, buyers can sample different scents and combinations without paying full price to potentially end up with something they don’t want to wear. It’s hoped that Perfume Samples can help to tackle the problem of unnecessary waste and save people money at the same time.

As well as allowing customers to purchase samples online, perfume samples also offer a monthly subscription service from £4.99 to £18.88 a month. When they sign up for the subscription plan, users can add fragrances they’re interested in to their monthly queue and the Perfume Samples platform will pick a scent at random to dispatch to subscribers each month.

The founder of the brand new Perfume Samples website hopes that the business can change the way people go about trying and buying perfumes. Instead of wasting money on perfumes that aren’t quite right, Perfume Samples customers can take their time to find their new signature scent, and regular users can subscribe to save money and enjoy a monthly surprise in the post.

“Perfume Samples was created to fill an obvious gap in an expensive market,” CEO T.J. Penpee has said. “As a perfume buyer myself, I know all too well how disappointing it is to buy an expensive new scent and realise it’s not for me. We want our customers at Perfume Samples to enjoy trying new scents, experimenting with perfumes that they might otherwise not try, and
testing designer scents out so they can have full peace of mind before they buy a full bottle. All of our perfume samples are 100% authentic and come from trusted suppliers.”

As well as offering customers the chance to try before they buy, Perfume Samples is also hoping to capture the gift market by giving prospective gift-givers the chance to sample scents before buying gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Purchasing samples online is a quick and convenient way to test perfumes out and demonstrate to loved ones that the gift
you’ve chosen is personal and handpicked.

The new Perfume Samples website is live online at www.perfume-samples.co.uk and customers can buy perfume samples of their choice or even subscribe to receive monthly perfume samples from their perfume queue today. Register at Perfume Samples to order affordable designer perfume samples for yourself or your loved ones or to find out more about the Perfume Samples Mission and ethos.

For press enquiries and other questions, please contact Perfume Samples at [email protected].


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