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Mar 30

Bathroom makeover – what’s worth splashing out on?

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Are you thinking of having a new bathroom installed and are wondering how to make the budget stretch? Let’s take a look at the areas that are worth investing in and those where you can get away with cheaper choices, without anyone noticing.


Bath and basin taps

First off, bathroom taps. Don’t skimp here because these are arguably the most essential and most frequently used fittings. You will want to choose a product that gives you years of trouble free service, and if there’s one area where you get what you pay for, it’s taps. Unfortunately, many budget taps are simply not man enough for the job. If you go for style over substance, you may end up with annoying plumbing niggles sooner than you think.

Quite apart from functionality, high quality taps can add a real sense of style, setting your bathroom apart from the rest. It’s a feature everyone notices and admires straight away. For an atmosphere of modern chic and luxury in the bathroom, brass fittings and fixtures are on trend this year.

Top tip: If your bathroom looks tired but there’s nothing much wrong with the current design, and your budget is tight, why not just splash out on some shiny new taps? A focal point in any bathroom, they will give the impression that your bathroom suite is brand new.

Bathroom makeover – what’s worth splashing out on?

Source: Elle Decor


Bathroom tiles and wall coverings

Similar to bathroom taps, budget tiles often lack the premium finish of more expensive products. Since they will be covering a substantial proportion of the wall space, make sure you choose tiles that not only look good now but will stand the test of time. Removing and replacing bathroom tiles is a messy and laborious job – better to get it right first time. While designer tiles don’t come cheap, there are often deals to be had. Look out for end-of-line reductions or seasonal sales to get more bang for your buck.

One of this year’s big bathroom trends is wallpaper. Paired with plain white tiles, this can add stunning colour and impact to an otherwise unremarkable room and save you money too. Avoid papering directly behind the basin or bath, and make sure you seal the paper with a matte clear varnish to guard against moisture.

Top tip: A new lick of paint may be all that’s needed to refresh a tired looking bathroom. Make your walls or woodwork pop with colour and inject fresh vibrancy, maybe spending a little more on designer paint for maximum impact.

Bathroom makeover – what’s worth splashing out on?


Source: Homes and Gardens


Bath tubs

Every large bathroom should have a tub, but the decision whether to go for a fitted bath or a feature freestanding tub will largely depend on the actual space and shape of the room. While there are many gorgeous freestanding baths to choose from that exude a truly luxurious feel, they will take up more space and may be more expensive to install. The more space saving and budget friendly option is an integrated bath, but it won’t have the wow factor. It’s up to you.

Top tip: Whichever type of bath you prefer, always make sure you take a look at your favourite product in person. Go to the showroom and ‘try before you buy’ by sitting in the bath and trying it out for size. After all, you’ll be soaking in it for years to come, and an uncomfortable bath is a complete waste of money, however much you paid for it. Also check out this handy guide to buying a bath tub.

Bathroom makeover – what’s worth splashing out on?

Source: House Beautiful


Showers and enclosures

Not every bathroom is big enough for a bath, and not everyone loves a soak in the tub. A shower, on the other hand, is a must-have in any modern day bathroom. From clever space saving design ideas to large walk-in showers, there are designs to suit all bathrooms.

Investing in the right shower can dramatically improve your bathroom experience and make it more enjoyable for you and your family. Thermostatic shower valves may cost a bit more but knowing that the right temperature is constantly maintained is well worth paying extra for, while digital showers offer instant temperature control. With showers as with taps, you get what you pay for, and a well built shower will be less likely to encounter leaking or part breakages

Top tip: A digital shower with wireless controls gives you the ultimate flexibility in the choice of location of the shower valve – a good option for en-suites and small bathrooms.

Bathroom makeover – what’s worth splashing out on?

Source: deal Home


Bathroom accessories

A great way to transform your bathroom on a minimal budget is to get creative with accessories. Why splash out on little things that are easily replaceable when you don’t have to? Save the main chunk of the budget for the big ticket items that matter and express your individual style via finishing touches such as soap dishes and toothbrush holders, wall art and floor coverings, towels and storage containers.

Damaged or worn out accessories can drag the entire room down. A few well chosen updates such as a new set of colourful towels, a fresh shower curtain, a simple pot plant or some quirky decorative items can lift the energy in the room and create a feeling of newness.

Bathroom makeover – what’s worth splashing out on?

Source: Home BNC


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