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Best Mozilla extensions to use in 2020

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Using a web browser to the fullest extent possible allows improving the productivity of day-to-day work, automating mundane tasks, and speed up the client itself. While Chrome is considered to be the absolute leader in terms of available extensions, Mozilla Firefox has hundreds of options up its sleeve, too.

Needless to say, the nature of extension you need depends on your line of work, hobbies you use the browser for, etc. However, if you want to find out which picks are considered the best for security, privacy, work efficiency, and productivity improvement, here’s the list of top 10 useful Mozilla Firefox extensions.


1. Lightshot

Lightshot is a simple, fully functional screenshot capturer. The extension takes screenshots right from the browser window. You’ll be able to edit the picture, save it to your local drive, copy, or share online.

Lightshot is straightforward and easy to use. To take a screenshot, a user has to press the PrtSc key. You’ll be able to highlight the important elements of the image, add text, cover watermarks, and so on.

Lightshot has reliable online cloud storage. You can storage all captured images here to not waste a single MB of the hard drive memory.


Main features:

  • Built-in editing tool;
  • Upload images to an external server;
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface;
  • Save, copy, or print a chosen screen area.


2. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a perfect choice for those PC users who want to protect themselves from advanced malware. The extension detects which websites track your activity as you browse the web and blocks them. This tool protects the computer from all adware that doesn’t respect the ‘Do Not Track’ principle.

The extension has its drawbacks as well. For instance, it only blocks third-party trackers passing the first-party ones by.

Main features:

  • Automatically blocks intrusive websites;
  • The extension is fully configurable;
  • Built-in social media link trackers.


The extension is not a full suite of security tools – nevertheless, it’s comfortable enough to provide you with seamless browser protection. Privacy Badger is available for users of mozilla firefox download for windows 10 64 bit to benefit from the add-on.


3. LastPass

With active social media activity, online shopping, and so on, a regular PC user has dozens of passwords to manage. Remembering strings of characters and numbers is not easy especially if you’re thorough enough to come up with complex combinations.

LastPass is a lightweight Firefox extension that’ll store all your passwords and confidential data securely. There are several ways to import login data – from an email, a different password manager, or store them as soon as you enter website accounts.

To ensure all passwords are stored securely, LastPass uses AES 256-bit encryption.

Main features:

  • Automatic auto-filling;
  • Secure vault to store passwords;
  • Free password generator;
  • Username and login generator;
  • Digital wallet to store secure payment data.

The advanced features of LastPass are available in the Premium version. However, the basic version of the extension covers all starter-pack security needs of an average PC user.


4. Click & Clean

If you feel like your Firefox client takes too much system space, downloading this extension is a simple way to trim it up. Using Click & Clean, you’ll be able to delete cookies, the browser history, cache files, and other Firefox-related files that clutter the hard drive.

Also, the extension allows users to set limits on the number of websites that can track your PC. The interface of the tool is intuitive and easy to use. Its ‘External Clean’ feature allows users to delete files even after closing the Firefox tab.



Main features:

  • 1-click cleaning;
  • An external tool;
  • Removing Flash cookies;
  • High performance speed.

The additional features of the tool include visually tweaking the browser windows – hide toolbars, change their size, etc.


5. FireFTP

FireFTP is an extension that fully replaces external FTP management tools reducing the risk of malware infections and saving storage space. The app provides secure access to all files stored on external servers. SSL, TLS, and SFTP protocols are all supported. Users can benefit from handy features – directory comparison, integrity checks, synchronization, and so on.

Fire FTP is multilingual – the extension is available in 20 languages. It has an open-source license, all the features are free.


Main features:

  • Drag-and-drop navigation;
  • Remote editing;
  • FXP and proxy support;
  • Search and filtering features are supported;
  • CHMOD properties;
  • Supports IPv6.

The interface of the extension is minimalistic and to-the-point. Yet, due to a large number of features, Fire FTP is a tool for a proficient PC user rather than a beginning one.


6. Buffer

Buffer is an extension that helps Mozilla Firefox users quickly share content on social media. You’ll be able to schedule posts in batches and publish them automatically. All common social media are supported.

Buffer comes with an advanced analytics system. You’ll be able to track all key activity metrics – views, likes, shares, audience reach, comments, and so on. The tool provides PC users with shared dashboards – several people can manage the same account collectively. This comes especially handy for professional marketing teams.


Main features:

  • All-in-one tool for scheduled social media posting;
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube are supported;
  • A shared post editing and sharing dashboard;
  • Advanced report generation engine;
  • Real-time engagement tracking.

The good news about Buffer is, above all else, in the number of integrations it provides. The most popular tools that can be connected to the extension include Zapier, Feedly, Pocket, and many more.


7. Turn-Off-The-Lights

Turn-Off-The-Lights is an extension for the new version of Firefox that comes in handy for binge-watching enthusiasts. The tool will put your screen in the cinema mode as soon as you’re watching a video or a movie. This way, the quality of the picture improves tremendously along with the reduction of eye strain.


The tool has a straightforward interface and is fully configurable. The wide array of features helps users find a watching mode they are personally comfortable with.

Main features:

  • Multiple video formats and sharing platforms support;
  • Setting videos to HD quality automatically – if needed, a PC user can adjust it to his own preferences;
  • Videos are automatically widened to match the screen dimension;
  • Keyboard shortcuts;
  • Eye Protection for binge-watching at night.

There are few extensions similar to Turn-Off-The-Light which aren’t as easy-to-use and customizable.


8. Fasterfox


Fasterfox is one of the simplest ways to make the browser run faster. While there are other ways to speed Mozillaup, they usually require in-depth tech expertise. With Fasterfox, you’ll get a one-click speed boost. The extension allows PC users to significantly improve the efficiency of working or learning.

Main features:

  • Automated prefetching;
  • Manages network settings – simultaneous connection;
  • A built-in pop-up blocker;
  • Multilingual support;
  • A page-load timer.

Fasterfox is a simple and powerful browsing experience enhancement extension. It’s available for free.



The Firefox extensions listed above are an easy way to improve the quality of your browsing experience. All the add-ons in the top are secure, lightweight, and fast. Enjoy testing these tools and improving the quality of web surfing.


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