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Best stock trading apps to get in 2019

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In the following post, we’ve collected all of the best and most-needed stock trading apps of 2019. These apps are not only trading apps, but mobile software that will help optimize your trading experience and maximize your profits.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for an app to practice trading or you want access to the best stock trading platforms or would like to invest the balances of your every purchase, we’ve listed the top apps below.

So without further ado, here are the best stock trading apps to get in 2019:


1. A Broker App – Your Mobile Trading Platform

The first thing anyone looking to trade stocks on a mobile app has to do is find a broker that provides an excellent mobile trading platform. Today, most brokers develop their own software which means finding the right broker is more important than ever before.

In our opinion, one of the best ways to figure out which app will suit you the best is to check out this list of the best investment apps offered by brokers in the UK. This particular list is exceptionally comprehensive, and there is definitely something there for everyone.


2. Acorns – For Everyday Investments

Acrons is a fun app that allows you to automatically invest in stocks on a daily basis. In order to use the app, you need to connect your debit or credit card to the software, and then Acorns will automatically invest in high-performance stocks using the balance from your everyday purchases.

Naturally, the amounts invested are rather small, and you are not likely to become rich from using Acrons. However, it is a good way to diversify one’s portfolio and make use of opportunities you might have otherwise missed.


3. StockTwits – Your Social Media Platform

This is a social media app that was designed to allow traders and investors to share ideas, articles, and trading opportunities. With this stock trading app in your arsenal during 2019, you’ll ensure you always have all the latest market information handy as well as an insight into what other traders are doing at any given time.


4. Robinhood – For Free Stock Trading

For all of our American readers, the Robinhood stock trading app is a must to consider. Not only is Robinhood free to use without any trading fees, but the interface is one of the most well-designed and easy to use on the market. Since cryptocurrencies were added to the platform in 2018, this stock trading app is now a complete all-around trading tool that you can bring anywhere you go.


5. SigFig Wealth Management – To Keep Plan and Keep Track of Investments

SigFig is an app that will help you plan and execute a personalized investment plan based on your needs and expectations. As you probably already know, every investor and trader needs a plan, and with SigFig it has never been easier. The app is connected to all major markets in the world, and it provides you access to licensed stock trading advisors for a highly competitive price.


6. Motif Explorer – Invest In High-Performing Portfolios

This innovative and groundbreaking stock trading app consists of hundreds of handpicked portfolios containing the best and most lucrative instruments in different categories. For example, you can invest in the 30 best tech stocks, Biotech Breakthroughs, Fighting Fat stocks, etc.


7. Stash – For the Beginner with Limited Budget

Stash is a stock trading app that makes it easy for beginners to invest small amounts of money in individual stocks. The minimum deposit is $5, and the interface has been designed without any excess which means that even complete beginners can pick it up and start trading immediately.

This stock trading app is great for beginners wanting to learn how to trade but is not optimal for more serious traders.


8. Stock Market Simulator – For The Beginner That Needs Practice

The stock market simulator is exactly what it sounds like, a simulator for stock traders. With this app, you can invest in stocks from the American stock market using virtual money with absolutely no risk. It’s the perfect gateway to a real stock trading app and a great introduction to investing for beginners that want to practice before investing their hard earned money.

Similar to a demo account offered by a real stockbroker, the stock market simulator will give you the advantage of experience before your first real investment.


9. Benzinga – To Stay Up To Date With The Latest Developments

Benzinga offers a state of the art app that helps you stay up to date with the latest market trends, news, and investment opportunities. This stock trading app can’t be used to trade stocks, but it will make sure that you never miss a great investment again.

Not only that, but Benzinga’s writers are all experienced traders who are more than happy to share their investment plans and tips directly through the app.


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