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Feb 25

Buying Items as an Investment: Is it A Safe Bet?

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When we think of investing it’s often assumed we’re discussing abstract policies and portfolios.

It’s not often we consider the opportunities offered by investing in real-world items. But this should not be written off, as there is a lot to be said for knowing where your wealth is and being able to physically touch it.

Here is our guide to buying items as an investment and why they are often a safe bet (remember, however, this is not financial advice and you should always do your own research and/or speak to a financial advisor before parting with any money.)


Property & Land

Bricks and mortar, there is nothing safer. This is a common understanding and with good reason. Investing in property does have its ups and downs in terms of value, but this generally tends to level out over long-term investment. There are various ways of investing in property, the obvious one is to buy your home, but this is not a fantastic investment as you would need to move out to realize the value. Buying a house or flat to rent to others is a popular move these days. Investing in commercial property is also popular if you have the funds available.


Art & Literature

Investing in art could be a lot of fun. Having something beautiful that’s also making you money is a great way to appreciate your investment. What makes this difficult is that unless you are an expert or have a huge budget, judging what will become expensive can be tricky. One interesting way to get around this is to buy into a mutual fund that buys art on behalf of the group with profit in mind. Another route is 1st edition books, these are usually a fairly safe investment, especially by significant authors.

Find out more about collecting antique books here. 


Precious Metals

Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are often great investments. Investing in such items is not new and using precious metals as a marker of wealth goes back as far as civilization. You can invest in simple stores of gold etc. But also a more fun way of doing it is to invest in items made from precious metals. Get in on the silver rush with Gainesville Coins, as doing it this way can be interesting. The wide variety of specialist coins could potentially bring value through their limited-edition nature as well as the value of the metals themselves.



Antiques come in a variety of forms and it’s fair to say not all are as valuable as each other. But, if you know what you are doing it can be a good way to make some cash. There are a few considerations when looking to get involved. How can you tell if the item you are buying is as valuable as the seller claims? It is always beneficial to have any major purchase verified by an expert. This may seem like a big cost up-front, but it is better than losing everything on a bad investment.


Classic Cars

What says cool more than a classic car? Not much if you ask us! If you appreciate beautiful things you will no doubt agree that they don’t make cars like they used to. Before any purchase check the value to ensure you are getting a good deal. One other consideration is to ensure that the car is in its original condition and has not been altered with non-original parts.

*This is not financial or investment advice. Remember to do your own research and speak to a professional advisor before parting with any money.



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