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Jun 03

Car Accident Mistakes That Could Cost You a Lot of Money

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Given the high number of car accidents that occur on a daily basis, they are unfortunately  more of an eventuality than a possibility. No matter how you may try to prevent them, there are simply so many things that are beyond our control that can go wrong behind the wheel. While this doesn’t mean that we should discard safety and prevention measures, we now need to prepare for the eventuality of a car accident in order to mitigate its effects. On that note, here are some mistakes that you should never commit after a car accident.


Fleeing the Scene

Regardless of the circumstances, you should never flee from the scene of an accident. Doing so is automatically treated as a misdemeanor, which is punishable by fines and jail time, which can also scale depending on the severity of the accident.




A seemingly harmless gesture may hurt your chances of securing fair and full compensation if you live in a tort state. In a tort state, the primary basis of fault is negligence. Anything that resembles an apology can be interpreted as an admission of guilt, and this could significantly hurt your case, if not destroy it.



Not Taking a Medical Examination After Your Accident

Forgoing a thorough medical examination after your accident prevents you from understanding the full extent of your injuries. New injuries may surface after a settlement has been reached, and you may find yourself overwhelmed by the additional costs of treatment. Not only this, but a thorough medical examination will also serve as a potent piece of evidence in court.



Repairing or Selling Your Vehicle Too Early

The problem with repairing or replacing your vehicle too early is that this can come off as an attempt to conceal evidence pertaining to the accident. Credibility is everything in lawsuits, and anything that the other party can use to disparage your credibility will be used. Resist the urge to repair or replace your car, until your lawyer tells you it’s okay. Insurance companies also provide alternatives if your car’s going to be unavailable for an extended period.



Forgoing Legal Help

Finally, while you can indeed represent yourself in your claim, doing so would rarely ever end with the desired results. Lawyers are usually worth the cost, especially when you hire seasoned car accident lawyers like these Georgia Trial Attorneys. Experience, training, knowledge and connections will give you your best chance of getting the compensation you deserve after an accident.

Car accidents are costly enough to begin with, but there are many mistakes that could potentially increase costs like your succeeding insurance premiums. Some of these mistakes may even put you in legal trouble, which will not only have a significant adverse effect on your finances, but can have lasting effects on things such as getting a mortgage or loan. If there are points regarding your lawsuit that you’re unsure about, never hesitate to consult with your lawyer.


*This is not financial or legal advice. Remember to do your own research and speak to a professional advisor before parting with any money.


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