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Apr 26

Claiming For Disability Benefits: 5 Reasons To Rely On A Disability Lawyer

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Experiencing an illness or injury that leads to either a temporary or permanent disability is undeniably life-altering. While more severe conditions can make everyday life an uphill battle, there is also the concern that earning an income can become impossible. Perhaps you may no longer be able to function in your field of work; there are several reasons a disability can turn your entire life upside down.

However, you might be able to claim disability benefits and start a new life. Suppose you are wondering whether a disability lawyer, like those from DarrasLaw firm, is right for you. To assist in making an informed decision, we have listed five compelling reasons to leave the legalities of claiming disability to an expert attorney.


Determine If You Legally Qualify For Benefits

Certain medical conditions can be somewhat tricky to judge with absolute certainty. However, when hiring a disability lawyer, you will receive confirmation as to whether you are legally entitled to benefits. A professional legal expert that specializes in disability claims will evaluate your situation as a preliminary perk. Unfortunately, deciding to claim benefits without the help of a lawyer might end in sheer frustration if your condition does not qualify for disability benefits.


Shorten The Process Of Your Initial Social Security Claim

Suppose you decide to file a claim for social security benefits on your own. In that case, you should prepare yourself for a time-consuming process of filling out detailed forms about your medical history, income, and your current condition. In many cases, applications can be rejected if any small detail is incorrect. On the other hand, relying on a disability lawyer will shorten this process significantly, and you will be able to rest assured that all your documents are accurate.


Updating The SSA On Any Changes Regarding Your Situation

The SSA requires ongoing updates on all individuals receiving social security benefits. Because there are thousands of individuals on social security, they need updates to determine who demonstrated the highest need. Paperwork can be confusing, so leaving this up to your lawyer means you can be rest assured that you are always walking within the limitations of the law, and your benefits will always be accurate. Misinforming the SSA can later lead to massive legal issues that you would rather avoid from the start.


Court Representation

There are many cases in which disability benefit applications are rejected wrongly. However, applicants have the right to proceed with a request for a social security disability hearing. During this informal meeting, a judge will review your application and ask a series of questions to overrule the rejection. Having legal representation during this hearing can be exceptionally beneficial to your case as a disability lawyer will be prepared and able to guide you through the hearing process.


Peace Of Mind

Dealing with life after a disability is already a challenge. Handling the process of claiming for disability benefits and potentially finding your claim rejected will only add to your existing high-stress levels. Leaving the legalities to professionals is often the best way to obtain peace of mind while overcoming your disability and getting your life back.


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