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Jan 23

Common bitcoin trading mistakes that people make

Reading Time: 2 mins

Cryptocurrencies are the buzzwords these days, and as a trader, you would be a fool not to make hay while the sun shines. Each one out there wants to be part of this gold rush and no one wants to miss out on the chance to make big fortunes overnight. But the fact remains that not every trader dabbling in Bitcoin trading is going to be successful every time. Value of cryptocurrencies keep going up and down; it is as if you are on a rollercoaster ride and you can never be sure when the next sudden turn will come.

Some mistakes that you should be aware of when trading Bitcoins:

  • High-net-worth individuals or HNI and institutional investors will do OTC or over-the-counter trading to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in large amounts. This is simply because placing a big order on exchanges is costlier. OTC trading will happen directly between two entities; the total volume remains hidden and not registered in any exchange. If you enter OTC trading blindly, chances are that you may end up losing more than if you were to trade through an exchange. Unless you are careful, OTC brokers will rip you off.
  • It is true that crypto trading has become popular overnight and people are very hopeful of turning millionaires in record time. But, it is also a fact that cryptocurrency trading is extremely uncertain and people are likely to feel the pocket pinch when they start to lose a lot of cash. Most traders fail to understand that earning profits demands a lot of time and patience. You need to devote time to study the market carefully prior to making big investments.
  • A third common mistake most traders make while trading in Bitcoins is that they have no strategy they follow. The market is unpredictable and the worst blunder a trader can do is to engage in trade without any plan or logic. Simply reading about latest cryptocurrency trends or exchanges is not enough to give you an insight about the workings of the market. You have to do ample research before getting your feet wet; you must be able to incorporate strategies designed to bring you profits. So, without sufficient preparation, knowhow and experience, it would be a gross blunder to start trading. A newbie, for instance, can predict changes using user-friendly trading systems such as the Bitcoin Loophole. Have a look at bitcoin loophole website to know how this automated trading software application works.
  • The general tendency amongst new traders is to follow those who have been trading for a while. Instead of following other people blindly, they should follow facts and figures for better guidance. This will tell then when the right time to trade is. This is because there may be lots of instances that appear to be lucrative for trading, but are not so in reality.
  • Most traders of the Bitcoin do not even realize that there are tools that can help them conduct profitable trades. You need to search for the better tools like Bittrex or Crypto hopper as these are reputed to be secure tools.
  • You must trade in cryptocurrencies without giving in to your emotions. This means you should not be afraid to invest and in case the profits are not as expected, you must be able to move on. The best way to do this is to use crypto trade bots that can function without feelings. These bots operate on pre-programmed rules and these are far more efficient compared to mortals.


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