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Cost-Effective Ideas for Building Your Home Extension

Moneymagpie Team 26th Apr 2023 No Comments

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Due to a lack of homes up for sale and the continual rise of living expenses in the UK, many people are looking at different ways to increase the size of their living spaces via different types of home extensions. These can include single or double-story rear or side extensions, loft extensions, or porch additions, with options available to fit every budget.

Adding extra bedrooms or bathrooms is a particularly effective method for increasing a home’s value, potentially by up to 12%. The only problem with home extensions is, that while they offer the above benefits – they do not come cheap. People often get put off believing they do not have the budget required.

Before you do the same, why not consider these cost-effective ideas for building your home extension?

Go for a Simple Design

Obviously, the grander and more complex the design, the more expensive your home extension will cost. You will have to pay more for materials and as it takes longer to build, labour costs will increase as well. By sacrificing certain design elements of your home extension, you could cut down your expenses substantially.

Go for a straightforward design that delivers what you need but also does not require as much structural work. For instance, in many cases, you will find it cheaper to build up rather than expand out.

Choose the Right Materials

A lot of the costs associated with building a home extension will come from the building materials you choose. For instance, you could save some cash by considering reinforcement wire mesh over rebar for the foundation of your home extension.

Wire mesh panels are a more affordable option due to their presentation in rolls, resulting in lower labour expenses during installation. Although rebar may offer greater strength, it could be excessive for most projects. Heavy-duty wire mesh can provide the necessary durability at a reduced cost. If you’re unsure, always get the advice of your architect or rebar mesh supplier.

Another example is to choose timber cladding over traditional brick and stone as it is the more affordable option.

Opt for Prefabricated Construction

With a prefabricated construction, the components of your extension are built off-site and then assembled on-site. Not only is this method quicker than conventional home extension construction techniques, but it also reduces labour costs as there is less time spent on site.

This type of construction also carries other benefits although not directly related to cost. It reduces the risk of any onsite accidents and is better for the environment.

Use Natural Light

Another consideration is to think of ways to save money down the line. One of these is to make use of natural light when planning your extension. By adding windows, glass doors and a skylight, for example, you will reduce the need for artificial lighting and the costs that come with it. Your home extension will also feel far more spacious.

Choose the Right Builder

Now, this is an obvious tip but also one of the most important. Of course, you want a builder you can trust who has the skills, tools, experience, and expertise to build your home extension at a cost that fits your budget. Word of mouth is your first port of call here. If you know somebody that has built a home extension and is happy with the results, you might want to consider using the builder they used.

Alternatively, get multiple quotes from reputable building companies, compare their references and portfolios, and of course, their quotations. Finally, always make sure your builder is qualified and insured.

Plan Accordingly

Finally, to really understand how much the construction of your home extension will cost – plan well ahead! This will help you avoid any unexpected costs or delays during the build. Do not get yourself into a situation whereby you go over budget due to poor planning. If you dive into a home extension without planning appropriately, you only have one person to blame if it costs more than you expected. To get help, speak to a local architect that can help you to put together a solid plan.

Fit Your Budget?

As you can see, while a home extension can prove expensive, you can utilise a number of cost-effective tips to reduce the costs involved. With a bit of forward planning, recruiting a good team, and making a few wise choices and/or sacrifices, your home extension does not have to be as expensive an ordeal as you might have thought.

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence. 

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