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Declutter your wallet with Curve and get free £5 to spend

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Are you tired of carrying a big wallet stuffed with plastic? Having a hard time to find the card you want to use in all that mess? Let us introduce you to Curve which simplifies all of this, a card connected to a smart app which consolidates all your debit and credit cards into one place, and helps you control, save and earn money.

Curve allows you to add all your debit and credit cards into one Mastercard debit card, helping you manage your money in a whole new way. You have the ability to switch which card you wish to use for your payments.

You can even get a free £5 if you sign up and use the code MGPIE here .

Curve has extraordinary features that help you simplify your financial life:

1. Simplicity, Control & Freedom

2. Extra Security for All Your Cards

3. Earn Money Instantly!

4. Save Money Abroad

5. How to Sign Up?


Simplicity, Control & Freedom

Mission control for your money with Curve

Curve’s unique features simplifies your financial life by giving you the ultimate freedom to control how you spend. ‘All-Your-Cards-In-One’ technology means you can load all your cards into the Curve app and spend through all – with one card. Curve will label your spend, split it into categories and display your month-on-month spend insights, so you never have to wonder where your money goes again.

Spent on the wrong card? No need to worry! Just tap the ‘Go Back in Time’ option on the Curve app to switch the card you used for a transaction after the purchase was made. Curve will move your purchase from one card to another instantly.


Extra Security for All Your Cards

Intelligent fraud protection with Curve

Security is at the top of Curve’s mind.When you make a purchase, merchants only see your Curve card details and never the underlying debit and credit cards. Your cards remain safely stored in the app and details are never exposed, they aren’t even visible in the app!

Lost your card? With real-time notifications, you can see if your card has been used without your permission, and you can immediately lock / unlock the card from the app.

Curve protects your details, data and helps you protect your physical card using the latest bank level technology and every transaction you make with Curve is covered by the Mastercard Chargeback scheme.


Earn Money Instantly!

Man using smartphone

Curve gives you a free £5 in rewards points when you sign up with the code MGPIE as you download it! If you refer your friends to Curve – you will receive another £5 in rewards points for each friend that signs up using your refer-a-friend code.

When you spend with Curve you will earn 1% cashback at major brands from their selected list of retailers. Curve’s cashback is loaded in real time and can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted! (This is a 3 month introductory offer.)

If you have a credit card that gives you cashback, you can add it to Curve and make sure you can spend with it even where credit cards aren’t accepted. Make sure you always earn rewards.


Save Money Abroad

Holiday couple on bus

With Curve all of your cards are commission-free when you travel. Just use your cards via Curve as you would do normally, and its technology automatically converts the foreign currency at the best bank rate, saving you money abroad. Curve eliminates the banks and cards’ high foreign exchange rates of up to 5%.


How to Sign Up?

Go to or simply search for the Curve card app on your Apple App Store or Google Play to download! Use code MGPIE when you sign up to get £5 free after your first transaction.



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