Oct 22

Ditch crypto! Here are 3 investments that actually make money

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Crypto investments have been very popular over the last 24 months, but if you actually want to make money, then it’s time to ditch them. The market is too volatile, and most of the valuable crypto assets are pretty much dead.

However, if you like the idea of investing money and making some more, then here are some investment ideas that will genuinely work:


Investment Bonds

Hardly anyone knows what an investment bond is, but it’s a really good investment opportunity for someone that’s got a load of savings stashed away somewhere. Essentially, a bond is a loan that you buy and then lend to someone. As this Viderium review shows, you will gain interest payments on the bond that get paid to you quarterly. Then, when the term ends, you get the full bond repaid into your account. In essence, you can earn easy money through interest payments. Most bonds are insured, which gives you added protection to ensure you don’t lose your money. The only downside is that you have to wait until the end of the term -which can be a few years – before you get the full return on your investment. So, it’s a money-making idea for the patient people amongst us!


Stock Market Trading

The stock market is relatively similar to crypto investments in the way that money is made. In both instances, there’s a lot of buying and selling involved. You buy low, and then you sell high. The difference between the two is that people have been stock market trading for decades. It’s a proven way to spend money to make money. When you play your cards right and get the right guidance, you can make a fortune trading every day. Or, you can invest in a steady stock and grow your investment over time. Either way, the stock market will help you make money – and it’s way less risky than trading cryptocurrency. To make things even better, you often don’t need much money to invest in stocks & shares at all, which is why this idea is perfect for people with small funds.



I know, this sounds incredibly corny and is the type of thing you hear from a motivational speaker during a TED Talk, but investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do if you want to make money. Save up and invest in a course that helps you develop new skills and opens up doors to find new jobs. Invest in university education to make connections and set yourself up for greater career prospects. Even investing in some books that help you understand stock market trading or investment bonds will help you a great deal!


The purpose of this article is to show you that there are ways to make money other than investing in crypto markets. But, if you don’t think you’re in a position to do any investing at all, then the best investment you can make is in yourself. Don’t forget about yourself, as spending a little money on yours truly will help you make a lot of money in the future.



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