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Mar 19

Filing Taxes – Ways to Stay Legal

Reading Time: 3 mins

Tax season is upon us, and we all want to get the most significant tax refund check we can or limit how much we owe. There are many tricks you can do to get the most out of your taxes to save or receive a lot of money. 

However, although it’s tempting to manipulate your income when filing, you always want to stay legal. It will cost you a lot more money if you have to go to court with the federal government. Getting audited and being found guilty won’t be right for you, or your family, especially if you’re supporting them. 

There are different classifications of felonies, and tax fraud is considered an offense in the united states. Visit the blog of an Expert Team to Understand the Severity of This Crime.  

We’re going to go over how you can get the most out of filing your taxes with staying legal.



There are many deductible things you can report on your taxes. Some things include donations for charity, having children, and work-related expenses. When you file your taxes, you can input these costs to either lower what you owe or increase what you’ll get back. 

Never exaggerate or make up estimates about how much these expenses are. It would be best if you kept all receipts or invoices about how much you’ve spent. If you get audited regarding this and then can’t provide the proper documentation, it won’t look so good for you. 

You’ll likely have to give back the money with a penalty, or even worse, you might be brought to court. Deductions are a great way to get the most cash back or pay less; however, make sure all your amounts are backed up with proof. 


File on Time 

If you know you’ll owe the government a lot of money, it’s tempting not to file and keep moving on with life, but this is something you should never do. In the United States, all taxes need to be submitted by April 15th. 

If you think you’ll need an extension because you haven’t figured out how you’ll pay the money you owe, you can always request an extension, or work out a payment plan that works more with your budget. 

By doing this, there’ll be some fees, and you might have to pay a percentage more by the end of it. Although none of us wants to pay more than we have to, it’s better than facing federal charges against you for not filing. 

Filing Taxes - Ways to Stay Legal

Report All Income 

If you own a business or do a lot of odd jobs that pay you cash, you could manipulate how much money you actually made in the year, which would mean you’d be in a different tax bracket. You should never do this. 

If you report a number that doesn’t add up to the IRS, there will probably be an investigation on you and your business. If the government finds out you withheld income by not reporting It, you can be penalized with fees or jail time. 

During the year, it’s important to keep documentation of all the cash your business takes in with a log. Then, at the end of the year, you’ll have that information clearly calculated. If by chance you get audited, you’ll be able to present the IRS your documents. 


The Bottom Line 

Taxes come every year. For some, it’s an extra paycheck from the government, and for others, it’s a time to pay a year’s worth of taxes at once. We always want to maximize our income by staying legal. 

You can do this by adequately documenting your deductions and only report ones that are true. Also, filing on time or requesting an extension is better than not filing in the eyes of the law. Lastly, report all income you received this last year. 

If you follow these rules, you’ll get the tax money you deserve legally, or you’ll owe the correct amount. You won’t have to worry about the IRS coming to find you. Happy filing! 



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