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Get cheaper car insurance now

You can get cheaper car insurance and it doesn’t have to take longer than 20 minutes. See here how Jasmine saved £145 on hers in that short amount of time.

this article reveals all out best tips on how to get the best deals from the most trusted providers. So if you’re always asking yourself “how can I save money on car insurance?” then look no further!


how to get your car insurance down

Getting motor insurance is a legal requirement if you have a car or other motor vehicle. The good news is that there’s a lot of competition between insurers in the car market, so by shopping around, you should be able to get a good deal.

Choosing the right car insurance is about deciding what kind of cover you want and then shopping around for the best price you can get for that policy. So…


Step 1: Decide what cover you need

With insurance, cheapest is not always the best. Read the policy carefully to make sure you have cover for all eventualities. Look at the excesses and exclusions carefully. A cheaper policy could be hiding a high excess and limited cover.

Also, some insurers no longer include ‘Driving Others Cars’ as standard, while others don’t include a courtesy car.

And if you regularly drive abroad, check the European cover limit. Some car insurance polices include this cover as standard, others may charge you extra for it.

There are three basic types of motor insurance:car insurance

  • Third party fire and theft (TPFT): This covers you if claims are made against you for damage or injury to other cars or people. It also covers you if your car is damaged (or you are injured) by fire – or if your car is stolen.
  • Fully Comprehensive: This is the same as TPFT and then some. This covers any medical expenses, personal belongings and personal accident cover.
  • Third party only: This only covers any claims made against you by other people.

The type of insurance you go for will depend on how flush you are feeling, what state your car is in, and how nervous you feel about paying if you do have a bump.

Third Party is not always cheaper than Fully Comprehensive. This is most often the case for the young and male. The insurance companies make the assumption, no doubt backed up by statistics, that customers who don’t value their cars will be more reckless and therefore more likely to crash into something expensive. Do a comparison check before choosing third party to make sure you are not paying more for less.

Whatever type you go for, though, make sure you don’t pay any more than you need for it.


Step 2: Shop around

Shop around on the net and save yourself a load of cash. Our car insurance comparison  will get you a good cheap deal – we know, we’ve tried it.

Kwik Fit is a great place to get car insurance. If you take out a car insurance policy with Kwik Fit you’re entitled to a 20% online discount. The Kwik Fit website has more details.

car insuranceAviva aren’t included on the comparison websites – but they are definitely worth checking out if you’ve got at least four years no claims discount on your existing policy. As well as the four year no claims, if you’re a new customer and you register with them online, you can qualify for 15 weeks’ car insurance absolutely free!

Tesco claim that Clubcard holders could save up to 30% online with Tesco Car Insurance.

Remember, you’re likely to get the best rates if you apply online. Internet sales have fewer overheads so companies can pass on savings to the buyers.


Find out how Jasmine saved £145 on her car insurance in 20 minutes!


Step 3: Keep the costs down

There are some things you can do before and after choosing your policy to keep the costs down annually.

Put women on your insurance as second drivers. This makes a surprisingly large difference especially if you are young and male. Ideally the women should have being driving for a while and have a clean licence and driving-history. One of our MoneyMagpies, a young man, saved over £100 with this little trick.

Keep a safe driving track record. You can often get a discount on your premium if you take advanced driving qualifications. You will genuinely be safer on the roads too.

car insuranceBuy smaller, greener, cheaper. The size, age, value and make of a car are all important factors that could cut your insurance rates.

For example, having heat-resistant doors on your car could lower your premiums.  Investing in a cheaper and smaller car initially can also help bring costs down. Choose cars that run on electricity and gas and save some money and the environment at the same time.

Pay in full. Instead of monthly premiums, pay your premiums six-monthly or annually to avoid paying high rates of interest.

Keep good credit records. Protect your credit rating – your insurance cost could depend on it. Essentially, the cleaner your record, the less insurance you’ll have to pay.

Ensure good maintenance and planning. Be aware of road rules and drive carefully to avoid accidents. Be mindful of where you park the car and don’t keep your valuables in the car to avoid potential damage and theft.

And security measures – such as installing approved alarms – may lower the insurance premiums.

Pay higher ‘deductibles’. By requesting higher deductibles (the amount you are willing to cover yourself in the event of an accident) in your insurance policy, you can really decrease your monthly costs.

Be particular about your personal details. Insurance companies offer varying car insurance rates depending on age, sex or professional status.

Statistically, women are proven to be safer drivers than men. So for a family car, consider having the wife’s name on the policy instead of the husband’s.

Similarly, younger drivers are known to be more reckless, so arrange to buy a policy after your birthday to add that extra year on.

In fact, certain professional fields bring with them higher premiums than others, so be careful how you describe your work. If you do different things, pick the least ‘racy’ one.

And remember, too, that students can often get discounts – so don’t forget to mention if you are one.


Check out Go Compare’s car insurance comparison service


Are you having problems with AskMid?

Do you pay your car insurance in instalments? If you do (or even if you pay it in one go), it’s possible that your insurance hasn’t been registered in the central information database. Check it out.

askmid car insurance databaseMany drivers are being caught out by problems with the askMID car insurance database even though their cars are legally insured. When drivers are being stopped by police, or their cars are caught on camera by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) vans, some have found that they face penalties for driving without an insurance policy, even though their policies have been renewed.

The problem lies with the insurance company and the database itself. Officially at least, it can take a couple of days for any policy – either a new claim or a renewal to be logged onto the database although some drivers are discovering, to their shock that, weeks after activating their policy they are not on the database. This can lead to your car being seized and impounded – with you footing the bill for it being towed away.

If you are covered, the insurance company should cover those fees, in the eventuality of any problems with the law, but to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience it is best to check on the askMID website. Also make sure you have a photocopy of your insurance documentation in your glove compartment so that you are able to prove that you are covered, in the event of being stopped by the police.


Go to our motor insurance comparison page here and save yourself hundreds!


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Kristina B.@Car Insurance Calculator

There are many good and useful points here. It is true that women get better insurance policy because they are “safer” then men on the road, and, of course students always have discounts…although, in this case, since a student is usually a youngster, he might have troubles getting a cheaper policy. Younger individuals are considered to be reckless drivers. It is always good to have more years and experience than the other way around.

Debora Elgin
Debora Elgin

The protection offered by building and contents insurance can cover a valuable home and all of its contents against a many risks, but if you are one of the many people struggling to afford the mortgage that comes with a new house your first home then there are various government initiatives to help, it is not hard to find them.

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