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Getting a refund: What you need to know to get your money back

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You probably bought something that you really wanted, but you’re not pleased with the product, and now you want your money back.

We’ve written this article to help you in taking the steps for getting a refund. If you need a payday loan refund, you came to the right place.


Do some research

You might want to complain, but before you do that, you might want to do some digging. See what you’re rights are. There are many pieces of advice which you can get from Citizens Advice. You need to make sure that you look into the right place, the law varies from one country to another, even from England, to Wales, to Scotland, to Northern Ireland.

If you listen to the advice of others, you’ll know for sure what you’re looking for. If you lost the money, then you might want them back. If you’ve been overcharged for those goods, and you were not pleased with the services – maybe you want a refund. When you complain, you might do it by phone or in writing – you need to be courteous, but don’t forget to be firm. Try not to be rude or offensive.


Call them

Most companies offer a method for dealing with the complaints, and that is the telephone. When you start talking to them, you need to explain the problem as clear as you can – tell them in detail what went wrong and what you want the company to do about it.

Don’t forget to ask the name of the person you’re talking to and take notes of what he or she says. Most of the companies record the calls and you can get a copy of the recording or a transcript for £10. If the call gets you nowhere, it’s time to start writing. Talk to the manager, or the person that’s in charge of the customer service. If that’s not going to work either, you need to talk to the chief executive of the company.

Your letter should be brief and you should also send enclosures – but only if they really help your case. And keep all the originals.


How long do you have to wait?

If the business you’re dealing with is an ombudsman, then you need to make yourself clear – and be referring to the dispute eight weeks after it started. This is usually the normal time you have to wait before an ombudsman considers a case, unless it has already reached a deadlock.

The service is free for you, but the companies have to pay £500 or even more for a case: this is something that makes them act



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