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Nov 03

Getting the Best Price for Your Home in the Shortest Possible Time

Reading Time: 4 mins

If you need to sell your home fast – for example, if you’ve had a limited time job offer or you’ve inherited a property that you don’t have time to maintain – you might be worried about feeling forced to list it for sale at a rock-bottom price.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Bargain prices can be detrimental to the sale of your home – in fact, many potential buyers become suspicious of properties with surprisingly low asking prices, and this may result in the home in question taking longer to sell.

So – how can you sell your house fast and for a great price? In this article, we explore a few handy techniques to make your property appeal to potential viewers, raising its perceived value and reducing its time on the market significantly.



If you’re able to remove a lot of the bric a brac you’ve accumulated over the years and place it into storage, your property will look a great deal neater and more attractive.

Not only that, but potential buyers will find it easier to envisage their own belongings and furniture in a clear space – which will make them much more likely to grow attached to the property and make an offer.



A dirty house looks poorly cared-for, and may cause potential buyers to become concerned about hygiene and maintenance issues. Don’t distract from the property’s potential by failing to clean up prior to viewings.

Get into every nook and cranny, removing dust, cobwebs, mildew and stains wherever you can. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes to the level of interest your home will then receive.

This shouldn’t be a one-time thing; try to make sure your home is spotless every time a viewing is arranged for best results.


Treat and Repaint

If your walls, floors, fittings or fixtures look worn, faded, scuffed or chipped, now is the time to give them a new lease of life. Give each space a fresh coat of paint and deep-clean carpets and other floor coverings.

Sand back chips in wooden furniture and apply new varnish or polish to make it look like new. Don’t forget external features like gates and fences!


Tidy Up Out Front

Kerb appeal is one of the key elements that will add value to your home. The term refers to the impact a property has at first glance, from the road, when looking directly at the facade.

Make sure all of your windows are clean and there isn’t any clutter visible through the glass. Keep any grass out front mowed, trim foliage neatly, sweep your front path or drive and remove all weeds.

You might even want to repaint your front door!


Neaten Your Garden or Yard

You’ll need to take care of any spaces out back as well, mowing, pruning, weeding and generally getting everything in order. Clear away debris and store tools neatly. Consider planting colourful or perfumed plants to make your outdoor space more beautiful and enticing.

You should make sure that any outbuildings are in a reasonable condition too.


Take Superb Pictures

Most house hunters start their journey online these days – so it’s important that your property looks fantastic on any estate agency’s site.

Hire a professional photographer to take your pictures, or, if you’re feeling confident, do it yourself. Choose a sunny day where possible and open doors and windows for a good flow of natural light.

Take clear pictures of all spaces, showing them in their best light. Don’t use filters or wide angle lenses, as it will look like you’re trying to dupe potential buyers – something that is highly likely to put them off.

Make sure you display these images “in order”, a little like a walkthrough. Show your outdoor spaces and outbuildings, and include a picture of the property from the road as your first image, as potential buyers often compare these images initially.

It’s a great idea to include a floor plan and information on the property’s energy usage. If possible, ask your estate agent to include a 3D or filmed walkthrough to help potential buyers understand how your property is arranged well in advance.


Share Online

You can help to promote your property by sharing information from your estate agent or auction listing via social media. Include vital hashtags, including the name of the local area, in all posts to make them more discoverable.

The more platforms you use, and the better the quality of the information you provide, the more likely your property is to gain attention fast. As a result, you may find that your post quickly reaches an individual or family for whom your house might be perfect!


Go to Auction

The speed of going to auction will vary depending on the regularity with which your chosen event is held, but this approach is often much quicker than selling via an estate agent.

Offers – or “bids” – are placed on the day, and the winning bidder is then absolutely committed to the purchase. This cuts out many of the slower elements of property sale.

Of course, there is the risk that the bids will not reach the amount you were hoping for – so you may end up sacrificing profit for expediency.


Use a Quick Home Buying Service

One of the swiftest ways to sell your house is through the use of a quick home buying company. These organisations offer cash up front for your property – and you may get 70% of its market value or even more.

The more effective among these businesses can complete the process in just seven days, so the property will be off your hands almost immediately. The company will then go on to sell your home – but you don’t need to pay legal fees, estate agent fees or anything else.

All of the above approaches and techniques are superb for those planning to sell their property as quickly as possible without losing out on too much cash. Whether you employ all of them or just a few, you’re likely to see success.


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.


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