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Oct 03

Handling finances as an independent millennial: A few quick tips

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According to online articles, millennials have it good. Being tech-savvy and all, life shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for them. They have everything they need to lead their lives on their own terms. 

But independence comes with a price. Graduating from college or moving to another state for the first time doesn’t always fulfil the best of our expectations. There are still challenges to overcome before you can even think about settling down.

Eventually, millennials will have to come to grips with the tedious and hectic financial issues that any well-meaning adults will have to confront.

Then again, it’s possible to keep your finances in check, so long as you use the right approaches:


  1. Start saving

Perhaps the most basic financial tip in this list, saving a portion of your income and controlling the money that flows out of your bank account will enable you to set aside some cash for your future needs. For some, this may sound like terrible advice to share in a troublingly uncertain economy. But there are no excuses too compelling to keep you from building a savings fund. You’ll never know what medical contingencies lie in wait for you.


  1. Get budgeting apps

The most difficult part of saving money is tracking your daily budget and expenses. Fortunately, there are numerous apps you can use to help you monitor your spending and adhere to a budget. Apps such as Monefy and Expensify offer a seamless and straightforward way to calculate your expenses and help you change the way you spend your paycheck.


  1. Lease a car

Millennials are taking baby steps before they are able to establish a stable career. Having said that, they will have to keep their financial obligations as low as possible. A car is one such burden, so millennials would rather lease than own a vehicle for the daily commute. There are numerous flexible leasing terms to choose from. You just have to know how the process works. Check out this link for a leasing guide that will help you make the right decisions:


  1. Lead a simple lifestyle

Independence doesn’t always translate to having the nicest clothes and driving an expensive sports car around town. It’s important to remember that you’re still adjusting to an environment that could bite you in the butt when you least expect it. That said, it’s always best to be frugal. Aim for simplicity by spending only what you can afford. This mindset prevents unnecessary spending and keeps you financially stable until your career takes off.


  1. Invest as early as possible

You won’t know how your cash is going to grow within just a few years. So, whether you’re looking to enter the stock market or build a startup, investing your hard-earned money should help you prepare for the future. You just have to know how to assess and take risks that could help you earn your first million.


Financial management isn’t fun, but it forms a crucial part in the lives of millennials. Then again, being able to live the good life would mean managing your resources so your pockets won’t run dry.


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