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Jun 02

Home remodeling tips: stay safe and keep costs down

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Home remodeling seems like a challenging task, especially if you do not have the right tips for doing it. Thankfully, Engelbert-Strauss ensures you get protective work trousers, footwear, personal protection, and tools that will help you keep safe during the remodeling process.

Getting your tools can also be a cost-effective method of remodeling your home since you will not need to hire expensive equipment for renovating your house. It is always essential to have remodeling tips right at your fingertips to cut down cost and keep safe during the process. Let’s briefly look at some of the most important tips to keep in mind.


How to Successfully Remodel your Home


Plan in Advance

Before remodeling your home, it is always important to begin by planning. Know what part of your home you want to renovate, get the right equipment and clothing for the job. Planning also allows you to identify potential hazard areas and what you can do about them.

Proper planning can also help you reduce the cost of renovation. When you already know what you want, you will know how many people you will need for the job or what protection equipment you will require. Apart from that, there will be no need to redo the job since you have an outline.


Use Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is one thing to consider before remodeling your home. They keep you safe from injuries and other hazards that may lead to severe damage. It is also wise to train your team on how to use the right tools for specific jobs.

Always use personal protective equipment before, during, and after remodeling, not to pose a risk to yourself. Whether you are cleaning or painting, take proper protection measures to keep safe.


Have a Budget

Having a budget is the next thing you will need. This allows you to estimate the amount of money you will use for the whole project. It also allows you to know in which areas you can minimize the cost to save some money.

Remember to include safety gadgets on your list since they are necessary. Also include building materials, permits, and decorative items. To cut down the cost of remodeling, work on those parts you can manage instead of hiring someone to do it for you.


Ensure you Have a Timeline

Calculate the amount of time you will need for the project and determine those parts you must complete first. This is to ensure that you complete every project as expected to avoid future delays. Give allowance for shipping and delivery of building materials. Also, add a few extra days for inspecting the house and ensuring all places have been set in order.


Get Help When it is Necessary

When renovating your home, it is obvious that there are some places where you will need help. There are several potential hazards during a home renovation that you might not be aware of. One could be hitting on electric wires.

To avoid such dangerous places, contract an expert to help you. Also, you might need help with lifting heavy materials. Ensure you have safety shoes to protect your feet in case anything falls on you.


Communicate Effectively with Your Workers

If you have a team of workers at your home, effective communication is vital. Workers cannot read your mind. Therefore, you have to explain to them what you want. This, in turn, will help you save money since you will not have to redo the project.


How to Choose the Correct Safety Footwear and Workwear

Quality and Durability

This is one thing you should always check before purchasing safety shoes or any other tools. Look at their quality to determine how long they will last.


Type of Job

Select the safety equipment depending on the type of job you want to do. If you are painting, you will need protective clothing, a mask, and maybe a helmet.


Access the Environment

Choose safety workwear depending on the environment you are working in. If there are several hazards, ensure you get strong safety shoes, a helmet, and a jacket so that you will not be injured if anything falls.


Comfort and Safety

Ensure that your safety clothing is comfortable and fits you right. A non-fitting jacket or trouser can make work uncomfortable, and you might not access all the points you need.



After you use your tools and protection equipment, you will need to maintain them. Therefore, when buying the safety tools, ensure you know the maintenance requirements. Some tools or clothing may require maintenance cost. Always ensure you will manage to maintain what you are purchasing.


How to Eliminate Hazards and Potential Dangers

There are several ways to eliminate hazards. Whether it be biological, physical, or health hazards, the first thing to do is to identify potential hazards, then find solutions on how to deal with them. A few ways you can eliminate potential dangers include;


Substituting less hazardous machines

Ensure that all machines you use are safe, and any that can cause danger make sure you substitute them. Alternatively, ensure that only experts operate the machine to keep yourself and your team safe.


Ventilate your home

Ventilation is crucial during a home renovation. This is because paints can cause respiratory problems, including black molds that form due to too much humidity. Ventilation allows the paint to dry and reduces mound formation.


Keep work areas clear

This is another way you can eliminate hazards. Ensure that your work area is clear and you can move freely from one place to another. Congestion can cause tripping and provides room for more mistakes.


Use the Right Tools and Clothing

Above, we have mentioned that safety shoes and clothing help to reduce injuries. Also, using the right tools for specific jobs can help eradicate potential hazards.

Home remodeling is easy when you know what to do and what you want. You can save a lot of money by just applying simple strategies that ensure workflows systematically. But most importantly, ensure you get the proper personal protective equipment for yourself and your workers to avoid unnecessary injuries.




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