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Feb 12

How Alcohol Can Drain Your Pocketbook

Reading Time: 3 mins

The costs associated with alcoholism extend far beyond the drink prices no matter how high, reasonable, or low they appear. You should be mindful of those additional expenses that come with excessive drinking and partying. Most of the time, you end up spending more on your drinks than you have planned. This may give rise to monetary problems, especially for those who are regular drinkers or addicts. Being aware of all the financial costs of drinking can help avoid binge drinking and alleviate the pressures on the pocketbook. Here are some ways how alcohol can drain your pocketbook.


Fluctuations in Alcohol Prices:

It’s common that an after-work happy hour with friends turns into an all-nighter. That is because alcohol makes it easy to lose track of the hour and then your bill reflects the cost of extra drinks and time. You should keep in mind that the deals on the drinks end with happy hour. If your bar has live music or other entertainment, you may be charged an extra dollar or two on drinks. Furthermore, the cocktail ingredients may also fluctuate in price depending on their seasonality and availability. Therefore, fluctuations in drink prices can also drain your pocketbook.


Hangover Remedies:

When you wake up for work after drinking at night, you may require a remedy for your residual hangover. Those hangover remedies can cost you a few dollars. Caffeine, lemonade, snacks, greasy foods, water, cannabis are commonly used as hangover remedies. Additionally, if you drink every weekend, you end up spending a considerable amount on your hangover regimen. Thus, the financial expenses of a drunken night can carry on into the next day, just as the mental and physical impacts can.


Lost Productivity and Missing Work:

This is one of the major causes of pocketbook drain led by alcohol abuse. If you are an hourly worker, you may not have available paid sick leave or vacation hours to cover your most severe hangovers. So when you take a day off from work due to your hangover, the absenteeism results in deductions from your salary. Moreover, if you decide to go to the office with your hangover, you are most likely to face lost productivity. The mental fogginess resulting from your residual hangover affects your productivity, focus, and accuracy. Depending on the nature of your job, the lost attention and missing work can cost you and your employer much more money than you may realize. That means your drinking habits can actually harm your credibility,  income loss, especially if you are a business owner, or loss of your job.



Mental Health Problems:

Excessive and long-term drinking can also cause various mental conditions that impact your daily way of life. Those mental health conditions are also the healthcare costs that drain your pocketbook. You may think that alcohol helps you relax your mind, but alcohol abuse actually intensifies your depression, anxiety, unbridled anger, and impulsiveness. In terms of financial costs, you ultimately have to make more visits to a therapist or buy medications for your mental condition. According to ARC drug rehab centre, you should seek professional help to assist you in overcoming your alcohol addiction once and for all.


Healthcare Costs:

Alcohol abuse can also put a financial strain on your life in the form of healthcare costs. When you are drunk, you are more vulnerable to drunken injuries. You are likely to stumble or fall while walking, dancing, or biking while intoxicated. Other risky behaviors include unprotected sex that can lead to the costs of STD testing and treatment. Moreover, driving under influence has its own costly consequences that can drain a huge amount from your pocketbook.


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