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May 16

How did Ukraine’s richest man react to the war? First and most importantly, the successful businessman remained on his land and actively helps all Ukrainians

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“I am in Ukraine and I am not going to leave the country. I share the same feelings with all Ukrainians: I sincerely look forward to the victory of Ukraine in this war. And we will start rebuilding the country to make it happier and more prosperous. For my part, I will spare neither the means nor the efforts to achieve this goal”.

The billionaire has also tapped into his international connections and thus supports people who are in trouble spots like Mariupol. Unfortunately, the situation in the city is terrible. Rinat says that people had nothing to eat, and they could only get water from melting snow. The situation is so critical – a 6-year-old girl died of dehydration. All these are the consequences of the terrible war that Russia unleashed. They kill civilians and destroy all infrastructure, educational institutions, homes, and anything within their reach. 

Journalists asked Rinat whether Russia could go beyond Ukraine and attack other European countries. The businessman responded that “Putin is targeting countries with democracy, freedom, and independence. Thus, all countries of the free world are potential targets. If Ukraine together with you cannot stop him, no one knows who will be next”. Materials based: https://www.forbes.com/sites/luisakroll/2022/03/10/ukraines-richest-man-rinat-akhmetov-says-hes-doing-everything-he-can-to-help-his-country/?sh=20c9e9786841 

In this way, he also hinted that he hoped for Europe’s support in this terrible war, which is killing innocent people, especially children. 

If we talk about business in such conditions, Rinat’s fortune has been reduced by more than half — from $14 billion to $6 billion, in just two weeks. Despite these huge losses, the billionaire focuses all his forces on supporting the Ukrainian army, territorial defense, and, of course, the people. The businessman cannot believe that Mariupol in the 21st century is under a complete blockade and people are forced to cook food at the stake, hiding in the basements of his enterprises. Also, Rinat and his team are struggling with disinformation from Russia about the situation in Ukraine. « Each of our employees is now using all their connections and opportunities to get the true information across to our international partners that peaceful Ukrainians are dying and suffering, that the tragedy is happening in our country.” — said Rinat Akhmetov in his interview.

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