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Mar 22

How Hiring an Expert Lease Advisor Can Save You Money

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It may seem counterproductive to spend money on hiring an expert lease advisor when you’re already spending money to sign a lease agreement. However, with so much information packed into the average commercial lease contract, it’s easy to miss important details that have more of an impact on your business than you might think. If you are still on the fence about whether you need to request expert advice, the following information may change your mind.


Recommend Firms for Legal Counsel

Understanding your tenant rights in Orange County can be a complicated process when you try to manage a current or future lease on your own. You may feel bullied by your commercial landlord into signing a lease you don’t agree with, or you may even be struggling to negotiate a price or property modification.

Rather than be pushed around by a commercial landlord with more experience than you, you can align yourself with an expert who will be on your side. Commercial lease advisors can navigate the intricacies of leases to potentially prevent you from making some costly decisions.


Perform a Lease Analysis

Lease advisors are adept at using tools to interpret financial data that benefit the tenant. Such an analysis can determine if the amount you will be paying for a lease has been calculated correctly for the space you use. Often, it incorporates data such as the average base rent, rentable and usable areas, and the parking ratio. With this information, they may be able to negotiate a more affordable lease agreement for you.


Negotiate a Lease Agreement

You may have found the perfect office space for your business, but there’s a catch – the lease agreement is hard to understand, or it outlines features that don’t align with your requirements. While you could keep shopping around until you find a commercial structure that fits within your budget and has no hidden expenses, there’s no harm in asking a lease advisor what they think you should do. They can review the lease, come up with changes to benefit you, and negotiate with the landlord on your behalf.


Offer Sound Leasing Advice

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned business professional or you’re just starting out; it’s helpful if you can get a gauge on the commercial property market before you decide whether to lease or buy an office building. By utilizing vacancy and absorption studies, an advisor can help you make an informed decision about which step you take next.


Fight for Your Rights

As a tenant, it can sometimes feel like both residential landlords and commercial ones have all the power to make decisions, and you have none. Lease advisors are in the desirable position of knowing all the ins and outs of the commercial property world. They can help you learn how to litigate against a commercial landlord so that you can have more say in the decisions being made. You may be surprised at how small phrases in a lease agreement could end up saving you money.

Even though having a commercial lease expert look over your agreements and documents is not a legal requirement, it can undoubtedly be a beneficial move. From negotiating terms to providing general advice, you may find yourself with not only the upper hand, but even significant savings.



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