Aug 09

How long does it take a premiership footballer to pay off the average house?

Neymars recent transfer for £200,000,000 could buy 860 houses in the UK (based on the current average UK house price) which made us think ‘How long does it take a premiership footballer to pay off the average house?’ have conducted a study comparing premiership footballers to their fans. This data shows how long it will take for a footballer to pay off the average house in their area in minutes compared to fans based on their average wage.

You might see some of the results as amusing or depressing, but either way, it sheds a stark light on the growing lifestyle differences between footballers and their fans.


  • It takes Paul Pogba only 54 minutes to pay off an average house in Manchester!
  • It takes the average Man Utd fan 1618 days of full-time work to achieve the same
  • Burnley fans pay off their houses the quickest at an average time of only 1,896,392 minutes!

Compare your premiership team to the average Joe here.

*Average house prices taken from
*Average player wages taken directly from the associated football club

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