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Aug 19

How much money does 1 million Instagram followers make?

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We all want to receive millions of Instagram views because it can help turn us into Instagram influencers. Why is that important? You know why!

Aspiring influencers want to make a lot of money on Instagram. That is the whole point of becoming an influencer in the first place. An influencer is somebody who promotes products or services in exchange for a fixed fee or commission.

The only way a company or person will pay an influencer to promote their products or services is if they have a lot of followers. But how many followers do you really need to attract clients that will pay you to influence people?


More Followers Means More Money

One million Instagram followers would put you on the path to superstardom as an influencer. If companies and individuals see that you have this many followers, they won’t be afraid to spend top dollar on your promotional services.

As the owner of the Instagram account, you can choose how much money to charge people for your services. But you must set a price that is fair and realistic, based on the number of followers you have presently.

For instance, an influencer with 1,000 followers could probably get away with charging $10 per post. But if an influencer has 100,000 followers, they could cost anywhere from $200 to $400 per post and find several clients who would be interested in paying that much.

As for influencers with one million followers, the sky’s the limit. They charge on average of between $3,000 and $6,000 per post. Just imagine how much you would make if you posted five times per day. That would be $15,000 to $30,000 per day just for making posts on Instagram. How easy is that?

To give you some perspective of how the follower count increases your price rate, take a look at these dominating influencers and the amount of money they make per post:

  • Liz Eswein has 1.3 million followers in counting and charges an estimated $7,000 per post.
  • Danielle Bernstein has 1.7 million followers in counting and charges an estimated $7,000 per post.
  • Aimee Song has 4.6 million followers in counting and charges an estimated $9,000 per post.
  • Julie Sarinara has 4.6 million followers in counting and charges an estimated $10,000 per post.

This should give you some idea of how followers can grow your monetary gain as an influencer. If you happen to be an influencer in a trending niche, then you could see even bigger payments for your influencing services.


How to Get One Million Followers

Of course, the most challenging part is actually getting to one million followers. It is not as easy as it looks. You need to produce high-quality content and stay engaged with your audience. If they can learn to trust your opinion and authority within a particular niche, then your product and service recommendations will appeal to them.

Let’s examine the top four ways to get to one million followers.


1) Purchase Followers

One million followers can take forever to build. That is why you might want to speed up the process in the beginning by purchasing followers. We don’t recommend that you buy one million followers because it would look too suspicious and artificial for your account.

Instead, you should purchase a few thousand followers to get your account started. When people discover your Instagram channel and see that you have thousands of followers, they will believe you to be an authority in your niche. As a result, it will give them an incentive to want to follow your channel.

Therefore, you’ll want to purchase followers to get your Instagram channel off the ground. Then as you continue to produce excellent content and follow the other tips listed here, you will get to one million followers faster than it normally would take.

On the side, you can buy Instagram likes for your posts too. The more likes people find on a post, the more convinced they’re about the authenticity and popularity of the post. Getting more likes will help you gradually build your authority in your niche.


2) Stick to Your Niche

Unless you’re a celebrity Instagram user, you cannot become an influencer by posting pictures of yourself or your family. The only way to become an influencer is to specialize in a particular niche. People want to follow someone who appears to be an authority figure of that niche. If all the content you post is related to your chosen niche, then people will take you more seriously as an expert in it.

For example, if your niche is photography, then all your posts should contain photography-related content. It could be pictures of new shoots, attention-grabbing sights, latest gear and equipment in the industry, and so on. After all, if people choose to follow your channel, it is because they like your content. So, if you start posting up relevant content each week, then you will entertain your followers and attract new ones.

PRO TIP: If you’re really interested in following a photography niche, here’s how to grow a photography account on Instagram


3) Promote Your Instagram Channel

Do not rely on the Instagram search tool to become your primary advertising platform. If you really want to reach one million followers and make five figures of income per post, then you need to go the extra mile and promote your Instagram channel yourself.

There are lots of easy ways to run promotional campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads. You can also make YouTube videos and build popularity there. Then you can refer your YouTube fans to your Instagram page and gain a massive reputation on both social media platforms.


4) Seek Help from Other Influencers

Some Instagram influencers offer coaching services that teach aspiring influencers how to accumulate more followers quickly. They will show you the techniques and methods for gaining followers that worked for them. It can certainly help you to receive an education on Instagram so that you can build your channel correctly.

Another way that an influencer could help is if you pay them to promote your channel to their followers. If these influencers are in the same niche as you, their followers will likely be interested in your channel too. Once they see your content, they will feel compelled to follow your channel. That is the idea here.



One million followers might seem like an impossible number to achieve, but try to put it in perspective. Kim Kardashian has over 180 million followers. The influencers that were listed above in this article all have over one million followers too. It is not that hard to get to five or ten million followers once you reach your first million.

There is a mixture of luck and strategy involved here. You might not reach a million followers anytime soon, but keep working at it. See which techniques work and don’t work for building more followers. Then you will find the right direction to push toward. Before you know it, those one million followers will be yours.



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