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Mar 01

How to Budget for a New Mattress

Reading Time: 3 mins

The only thing in life that seems to keep us from living a life of luxury is money. Of course, you’re probably not surprised to learn that. Chances are you’ve been living under the rule of economic limitations for your entire life.

Even with economic limitations, you should still strive to enjoy as much quality in life as you can. When it comes to buying a new mattress, you certainly have to approach the process with a budget in mind. Why? Short of having unlimited financial resources, you can only afford what you can afford. To determine what you can afford, it’s incumbent on you to look closely at your financial situation and make a good decision about what you’re willing and able to spend.

In order to make the right decision, you need to find the proper balance between the quality of mattress you want to buy and the amount you can afford to spend on it. Let’s look closely at the budgeting process.


How to Build a Mattress Budget

Since there is a correlation between the quality of mattress you buy and the quality of sleep you might get, you want the highest quality mattress you can afford. The trick is deciding what it is you can afford.

In life, there are certain things you could use debt in order to help you make a purchase. Buying a house or a car comes to mind. With that said, it’s probably not a good idea to take on debt to buy a new mattress.

Assuming you are going to be making a cash purchase, you need to determine how much cash you have available for this purchase. As a rule of thumb, your discretionary cash is what you have left-over after you have paid all your bills and set aside something for savings. If you already have savings, buying a quality mattress is not a bad purchase. If it improves the quality of your sleep and eventually your overall health, buying a quality mattress could be a solid investment.

Now it’s just a matter of determining how much cash you have after going through the budgeting process.


Targeting Your Purchase

Assuming you want to buy the best mattress you can afford, it would benefit you to approach the process with the right expectations. You can not go looking for a luxury mattress on a modest budget. With that in mind, here are some guidelines to help you set your expectations.

In the $200 to $600 range: You can expect to find a reliable mattress with solid construction. What you won’t find is a brand-name mattress that comes with extra comfort features. At best, you can hope to catch a better quality mattress on sale at the higher end of this range.

In the $600 to $1,500 range: This is a pretty wide range. At the lower end, you can probably get a decent off-brand mattress without a lot of extra comfort features. At the higher end of this range, you will be looking at brand-name mattresses that come with extra features that provide extra comfort and support. If you were to be patient and get a little lucky, it’s quite possible you could score a luxury mattress at around the $1,500 level.

In the $1,500 and above range: Now, you are getting into the luxury type mattresses. They all carry big brand names and come with extra features that include the latest technologies in mattress support and comfort.


Paying the Right Price Without Going Over Budget

There is an old saying: “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Regardless of your wants and desires, you want to make sure you stay in control when shopping for a new mattress. A salesperson will be looking to get you to overspend. Your responsibility is to do your homework, be patient, and get the best mattress you can within your budget limitations.

Find out more about budgeting here.



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